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Sallie Mae / customer servcie

1 United States

I have had a number of issues with Sallie Mae. the customer service is horrible and i have been told payment dates will be changed i recorded the phone conversation since every time i get information form Sallie Mae customer service i am misinformed or something changes. the company spoke to me and my co-signer who is my father. they agreed to change my due date and even sent me a letter indicating the change. next thing i know we are getting calls saying the account is past due. i told them i have the new letter informing me of the change as well as a recorded conversation with their rep stating the date had been changed. they told me the conversation was not noted on the day in question and that they are unable to get the exact notes from that day. this is not the first time they messed up, the recently charged my checking account multiple times due to a computer error when i set up my automatic payments also. when i called they did apologize for the computer error and charging me twice but i was informed by a supervisor that there is no system in place to return funds that have been debited. i asked Sallie Mae since it was their error couldn't they just $0 out my next payment. the supervisor i spoke with said he put in the request and i would be contacted with 72 hours. that was over 3 months ago i ave written their customer service and never got a response. the company is so bad that my bank (bank of America) actually cancelled the transaction which was a duplicate of my payment because they have seen the issue before with Sallie Mae. I even have recorded calls that were taken on the same day where i call and ask for my account information including balance and then i immediately call back and get told something else. i think there is some type of fraud going one personally because the reps are untrained and unable to give accurate information. this is by far the worst lender and the worst customer service and the amount of complaints the company has online is more ant other lender in the u.s.

Jun 6, 2013

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