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So, I walk into safeway like an average day. Buy a water and go back into one of the isles to check if they have something on sale. They don't so I walk out. On my way to my truck two gentlemen stop me and tell me to go back in and pay for the water I just stole. I go from a great mood to PISSED the ### off. So I go back in and ask the clerk and he says that I paid for it. What the ### dude!!!

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  • Wa
      Aug 03, 2011

    When you bought a USED book on, you were buying from a third party. It was a separate company or an individual, same as if you were buying on Amazon or eBay. It's not Borders problem or mistake.
    If you had bought a NEW book on, it would be the same as buying it at a Borders store. You could return it to or any Borders store.

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  • La
      Oct 14, 2011

    Caught on Camera HOME FOR RATS INSECTS, RUSTY DIRTY SHOPPING CARTS ..SAFEWAY AT 116 University Blvd., Silver Spring Maryland 20901 (301) 593-7526
    send your complaint to these top safeway managers we are working on a class action save your emails


    Safeway Pharmacy is under investigation for the use of sub-standard generics, mislabeling pharmaceuticals, negligence, professional misconduct, incompetence, prescription errors and HIPPA violations. If you have concerns or complaints a

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  • Lo
      Jul 03, 2012

    This is no small matter. warfarin is a dangerous drug. when dispensing this drug there is no margin for error, my mom's prescription from the doctor specifically stated one tablet per day, when we picked up the prescription it specifically stated two per day. That is two times the amount she's supposed to have. When I called to speak to the pharmacist he said he would call me back he did not have an answer, I'm still waiting for the phone call. the mis information on the labeling is not only dangerous it is grounds for a lawsuit.

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