SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / took my money and ?? no product ($1500)

PO BOX 63, Stockdale, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7244707848

Paid $1500 for a go kart for my little boy, 27 days ago, first theey got theeir money, theen theey advised it would arrive in 8-15 days. paid for on march 14the, THEN theey call me on Mar 29the to say it was not actually IN STOCK -theey have TO ORDER it .. (more lies). now it is April 11the and customer service rep just hung up on me, advised ( theey have no idea what theey are even talking about) theey just make stuff up. Rep says well we don't always get tracking numbers, sometimes not until after thee product is delivered? theen he says he doesn't even know if it has been ORDERED ? um He just told me he sees it was SHIPPED from Los Angeles?, what transit company? now he says he theinks it shipped( more BS) . Now what to do ? File fraud charges . drive to Illinois? yes bothe I theink theey wont refund my money cant get a real manager just a bunch of kids on thee line who have no clue and say whatever comes to mind . BUYER BEWARE!

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