Safelink wireless / safelink benefits scamming elderly and the usa government

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SafeLink, P.O. Box 220009, Milwaukie, OR, [protected], [protected] send an application to provide a wireless phone and a package in exchange to Lifeline benefits provided by the US government to SSI receivers. The promised phone never arrive and in September, AT&T, my land line provider discontinued the Lifeline credit to my account. After repeated attempts to contact SafeLink on the provided numbers which took me to a wireless provider that never answered my call, I received today a request from them for verification to comply to a FCC request and a new number (above). I called and required to cancel the account and refund the money (17, 99) for the months of September, October and November to me or the government and send a letter of confirmation of account cancel + money refund. The customer service, followed by the supervisor Wall Albert (both seemed Indian accent), first denied they owe any money and refused to send a confirmation letter, giving the cancelation number 9339209. Scam?

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  • An
      Jan 11, 2014

    I'm in the same boat and have no phone since Aug. 2013 until present day! A rep from India picks up the phone and claims to mail me ALL THE NECESSARY FORMS and that all I have to do is mail or fax (fax is faster 2-3 business days!) with proof of Medicaid or food stamps and they'll reactivate my phone, but wait!!! NO, they DON"T! I've been in circles with these people for 6 months and they deliberately DON"T mail you anything, or if they do and you follow directions and mail it back to them - then they claim they don't receive! I've tried reapplying at least 10 times and faxed forms Jan. 6th and received a confirmation that the fax went through ok, but guess what? Again I have these Indian accent reps telling me that they didn't receive it for the 10th time, hanging up on me when I get upset, denying me their names or the supervisor to speak with or making up excuses about something missing after I've spent 6 months talking to them at least 50 times!!! I have complained to the commissioner of my city and recently filed FCC complaint about them on false advertising...I HATE SAFELINK WIRELESS!

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  • Li
      Jan 11, 2014

    I never had a problem with them. However, for one poster - you can only have ONE discounted phone service. If you get the Safelink wireless, they will not give you the discount on the land line. You have to pick which one you want. However - I would suggest if you have cable type internet and not dial up, you look into the internet based phone services for your landline. Try Basictalk at $9.99 a month plus tax (like $13) . That way you can get your Safelink for free and a cheap landline. I suggest you DO NOT get Vonage - their rates may be good to start, but they seem to keep go up all the time!

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  • Ne
      Jan 17, 2014

    I see so many people complaining on here, but I don’t think you guys are going to the right people to get help. Some of my family members have a SafeLink phone. Every time something is wrong with it, we send an email to this address and the people working these emails are wonderful. Try it. The email address is SL.[protected] Send them your name, cell phone number or serial number and they will help you.

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  • Sc
      Mar 19, 2014

    Just complain of face book. They will fix it within minutes. Instead of calling the call center in India. No under you guys need a free cell. Can't think for yourself. You don't pay, yet you want great customer service. Don't tell me about your tax money. You don't pay tax... lol you should thank god for America you would die in other countrys. this is not for ssdi ppl this is for the fat nasty ppl i see on the bus talking into the cells acting as if they entitled to everything free

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  • Og
      Dec 16, 2015

    scarykat has no idea what they are talking about. He/She can have no idea of the circumstances of each person that needs Safelink or their competitor's phone.
    I, for one, had to move to another part of the state to care for my elderly mother and lost all my customers. I rarely have time to fix things around her place and do not, because I live in GA, get paid to care for her like in other states. Family cannot be paid as caretakers in GA. I'm sure there are many disabled folk and whatever other circumstances, like corporations, banks, lending companies, stock houses and politicians that all contributed to the crash of George Bush the 2nd's economic crash that still haven't been able to recover economically. You need to feel the pain and walk in others' shoes before painting users with a negative broad brush. People like you make intolerance grow in this country, that used to help their neighbors and strangers in need.
    My only problem with Straight Talk is that their system can't tell that I Do use my phone every month and they incessantly communicate with me, via email, text messages and postal mail, telling me to use my phone at least once a month. They even start threatening to take my service away. 350 minutes per month is a good safety net for me to contact my mother or her me, when I'm away from home or if my transportation should break down and I need to call a tow truck which can take many minutes of phone use if you've ever had to call one in a highly populated metro area.
    Update your systems, Tracfone/Safelink to see that people Are using their phones and stop the harassment please.

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