SafeLink / I signed up for recertification to safelink,& has been given the run-arounds for 2 months

Washington District of Columbia, US

I Called to recertify 1/31/17;It's been 2 months & over hrs of wait time, while being hung up on, left on hold, to hang up to get no results, & this is after I'vbe given info.for a new phone, submitted all forms, thru email and faxing, I've got no phone as of yet, & smart talk, like I've done something, or theirs someone else N The Same household, after I've sent info.regarding I'm the only 1, staying in the facility, My life Is N danger w/NO Phone, to call emer, if needed, safelink has dealt I a serious unprofessional blow, against Humanity, to take Info of a person, to use it against them Is Unlawful, to tell a person, something is in the mail, when U know u're lying, is what Safelink has put I thru, I'm N need of talk mins, in case an emer happens, in such a part of town, u need a phone to call 911 @ any instance...

Apr 03, 2017

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