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BBG Communications Complaints & Reviews

BBG Communications / telephone charges

GCarroll on Sep 19, 2017
I made 3 telephone calls from the U.K. to the Irish Republic in August'17.I was charged the following amounts.These appeared on bank details. 95c, 49.99 and an additional 49.99 euro. These were short calls to my elderly parents who do not use emails etc. My bank statement gave the...

BBG Communications / issue with at&t

Kambiz Pyvand on Jun 13, 2017
Hello, I called to have At&t disconnect any and all services I had with them in April of 2012. We left the house in April of 2012 and the house "foreclosed" May 1, 2012. Lately, I realized that we have been charged for every month since April of 2012 after my request to disconnect until thi...

BBG Communications / bbg app is killing me

Kay_93 on Feb 24, 2017
Hi, I've used the app before and loved it. I cancelled a few months back and have recently tried to re-join. I am continually having problems with the app. None of my other apps have been giving me problems... I'm very frustrated after having clicked "renew now" every single day now. I'm...

BBG Communications / phone call from Berlin airport to Berlin hotel

Jacquie Jenkins on Jan 5, 2017
A 3 minute urgent local call from a BBG credit card phone located at Berlin's Tegel (terminal 1) airport to my Berlin hotel on 3/1/17 (German time), cost me $49 (AUD). A taxi from the airport to the hotel costs less than this. This is outrageous. This airport phone does not list any cost...

BBG Communications / Unauthorized credit card charges

Girisenthu on Nov 27, 2016
Hi, I tried to make a phone to Dasseldorf from Stuttgart HBF station 3 times and the call was not connected. But I got a mail from the Bank saying that, amount for 43.99 Euro has been deducted from my account 4 times. The call never got connected and I need the money back. I have attached...

BBG Communications / Unauthorized credit card charges

Fernanda Chico on Nov 1, 2016
I tried to make a call from Düsseldorf airport to Amsterdam twice on Oct. 29 around 5 am. I passed my credit card on the Tmobile telephone cabin. The calls were never completed and now that I check my credit card balance they charged me 45USD and 37.38USD. Here the detail: tarjeta PacifiCard...

BBG Communications / Pay phones at london cannon st station

Vanessa Townsend on Oct 6, 2016
Yesterday at around 6.30pm, I tried to use a payphone as my mobile had run out of battery. As my train was shortly leaving, I didn't have the right money so I tried putting £1 (40p more than the cost of a call). It wouldn't let me. So I then tried using my card. Despite numerous attempts, it...

BBG Communications / Airport payphone charges

TMathews on Sep 3, 2016
I tried to use the pay phone at the Berlin Tegel airport. The information board on the phone clearly stated 0.50 Euros minimum and no specific charges for local calls. I tried connecting to a local number in Berlin. It didn't connect - received an automated response - "the called number i...

BBG Communications / Extremely high phone call charges from payphone using BBG Communications

Reviewer62163 on Feb 2, 2016
14 Jan 2016, I landed at Berlin Tegel airport and used the payphone to make a call to neighbouring Poland, since I did not have any Euros on me I decided to use my credit card. Call lasted for about 2-3 minutes. My credit card was charged for 24 Euros for a 3 minute call to a neighbo uring EU...

BBG Communications / Phone box charges

Reviewer20151 on Dec 24, 2015
I needed to use a phone box in Sheffield city center, UK. The screen told me to insert 60p which I did, but nothing happened nor did it give me my money back to try again. It then told me to insert my card which I did and made 5 very short phone calls. Each costing me £6. They were all local...

BBG Communications / Phone call to mobile number

gcvarad on Dec 14, 2015
You BBG THIEVES! I made a phone call from Da Vinci airport concourse H on 14 dec.2015 around 13.30 hrs to a mobile nr. in Romania paid with credit card.About 2 mins. cost me 49, yeah you read correctly fourty nine euros.BEEP YOU and your service.More than that, there is nowhere written the...

BBG Communications / Payphone scam

Reviewer82275 on Oct 13, 2015
Yesterday (12th October 2015) I made a phone call to home with a payphone owned by BBG at Brighton main station, as my phone had ran out of credit and couldn't call home. I didn't have the correct change on me so I used my VISA debit card. It was only a 1 minute call, yet it...

BBG Communications / Unwanted huge amounts of money deducted for a single call

Kritika Singh on Jun 18, 2015
I had made a 4 mins call from germany to germany yesterday from the Munich international airport for which almost 80 dollars ( roughtly 4800 INR) have been deducted from my account ! Why was so much money deducted for a local german call, it was not even a international call ! Why...

BBG Luxembourg / Overpriced call charges

Sheryl Hazlett81 on Sep 19, 2013
Hi I had to make a emergency phone call and the only phone box nearby belonged to BBG LUXEMBOURG and it did not accept cash so I had to use my credit card I dialled the number etc but the mobile I was calling was switched of an therefor went onto answering machine so I took my card bk from...

BBG Communications / overcharging/ multiple charges

snwbordr455 on Dec 22, 2012
I was backed into a corner a few days ago- I had a big problem back at home, my cell phone wouldn't work, the wireless internet wasn't working correctly for any of the five other people staying here with me, and I absolutely needed to get hold of someone back at my house. I saw...

Bbg Luxumbourg (Bbg Communications / overcharging

Marie Tumpach on Nov 21, 2012
I was trying to make quick phone call from Frankfurt Int. Airport to Prague, Czech Republic. I used the pay phone at the airport, since I did not have a cell phone for Europe and I needed to make arrangements to be picked up. I used my master card, there was a quick display on German, so I...

Bbg Communication / Overcharge and Fraud

Monu160 on Nov 6, 2012
I tried calling India from Bangkok International Airport. I tried couple of times but my call never went through. When I reached India I get to know that that I have been charged $49.10 on Nov 5, 2012. Adding to that I have been charged again for $.95 on Nov 7, 2012 by BGG. But I was in India and not even using any service. Complete fraud.

BBG Communications / FRAD, RIP OFF, SCAM

BBG Communications 1658 Gailes Boulevard San Diego, CA, 92154 RUDE, SCAM, RIP OFF, FRAUD. This company is ripping people off everyday, letting deported ex-cons work with sensitive credit card information. If anybody reading this has used these services in the last year beware. A few month...

BBG Communications / BBG Communications - FrankFurt Gernamy

Amit Rana on Aug 6, 2012
While travelling to United States via Frankfurt Germany I used BBG telephone to call to India. I used by credit cards for making the calls. Later I found out that for each of those calls (lasting less than one minute) I was charged $52.1 and $47. This is certainly outrageous and painful...

BBG Communications / Worldwide Payphone Scam/Frauduent Defense

stopbbg on Jan 17, 2012
Judge Rules in Favor of Master Scammers and Scorns Honest American Citizens Without regard to evidence, common sense, or the gross injustice inflicted upon hundreds of thousands of US citizens scammed by a company that exists to run a single costly but simple scam, federal judge Anthony J...

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