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The company stated that they paid me the correct percentage earned during the time frame of 11/18/2019 to 11/24/2019, 7.35 hours in which it was incorrect due to the fact that I worked 16 hours in total of two days 8 hours each day for that week stated above. I went into the office to claim my earnings via check which showed the amount of $67.99, I spoke with the secretary & explained that the check was missing 8 hours and she took the check back from me & communicated with her supervisor and they stated the issue would get resolved two weeks later I received a direct deposit with the same amount of hours and pay in which I explained again that the 8 hours were still missing and that I was suppose to receive $136.68 12/6/2019. They disputed with me that the hours were negotiated and that it was final I told the supervisor that the secretary is standing right there that took the check from me previously but they didn't want to question the secretary to see if I was wrong or if she was wrong for taking the check back from me.

express employment professionals

BBG Communications

over charge for a pay phone call

I was on holiday in holyhead last Thursday and used the pay phone to make a local call. Using my debit card to pay. The call lasted 4 mins and I have been charged € 28 for a local call. I was calling the driving licence department. The gov web site states that the call is only charged at a local rate. This is an authorised charge. No where on the phone box said the rate would be so high

unethical behavior

My bike got repossessed after i had call in to make the payment prior already. The representative from motolease called the repossession company and told them that they can release the repossession because i had made the payment. The repossession told motolease that they could not because they already had the bike in their possession and thatwas not true. They lied.I was on the phone with motolease and the repo company someone was also at my house and they had not gotten the bike yet that is confirmed and they can testify to that. They made me pay $ 510 for the repossession and my balance of $ 391 ( which was already paid) . After getting no assistance that night i called the next day and spoke to manny from the recovery department. He was rude and did not care about my concern and said if i wanted my bike back i need to pay.. I advised him of all this what am saying. He pretty much said well we have the paperwork and it is what it is .And what ever i say doent matter. I consumer have rights to and i felt neglected and treated poorly. I would like to get y refund back of $ 510 that i paid for the repossession.I was never asking to not pay for anything i felt that it should have been fair and it was not..

rip off!

I used a phone box with a payphone this week, just off Regent street in London. I had just left my mobile phone for a battery replacement in the Apple store in Regent Street. I had 3 hours to wait until it would be ready to collect. Whilst killing the 3 hours and browsing around the shops I saw the phone box and thought I would call my husband at home to advise him I would be longer than i expected.
The phone box instructions said 60p in coins required, which I didn't have but there was a slot for a credit card. I used the card option, made a brief, approx 2 minute call home. There was no indication as to how much the call would or had cost.
Once I collected my mobile from the apple store I had several calls and text messages alerting me to possible fraud on my credit card and to call my Bank. Several calls totalling more than 45 mins, there was a charge of £6 on my card from BBG communications. How can such a call cost £6?!!!

call charges and communication

I had to use a payphone in Merseyside England and did not have any change, I used my debit card. The number...

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bt payphone debit card call via bbg

For a less than two minute call, I was charged three times on my account.

£0.95 for "card validation" - 07 apr 18 card-validation london gbr gbr

£9.50 for what, a two minute call? - 07 apr 18 call from ukphoneapr6 gbr gbr

And another charge of

£6.00 for "connection charge" - bbg london gbr

As we say in the uk, you're taking the piss!

credit card charges

I just made a local phone call at London Heathrow Airport for 3 mins. But my credit card has been charged US$10. Which is ridiculous and unacceptable charges. Being a trouist first time in London and faced such unhappy experience! I feel sorry the both your company and U.K. government for accepting such case happened. I'm requesting to waive this charges or I will have further actions against this matter.

unauthorized debit card charges

On Saturday Feb. 3rd. 2018 I was in Public Lounge area of Terminal 2 Heathrow Airport London UK. I attempted to call a telephone number in Rep of Ireland using my debit card XXXX XXXX XXXX 2456 from a public telephone. I made a number of attempts but was not connected to the number I was dialling. On Sun. I received a text message from my bank advising me that they were concerned about three withdrawals from my account of €27.00 each at 11:19a.m., 11: 21a.m. & 11:24a.m on Sat. Feb 3rd. by BBG. I'm contacting you to advise you that the calls were incomplete/not connected and therefore no service was given/provided by BBG. I request that the money withdrawn from my account be lodged immediately.

telephone charges

I made 3 telephone calls from the U.K. to the Irish Republic in August'17.I was charged the following amounts.These appeared on bank details.
95c, 49.99 and an additional 49.99 euro. These were short calls to my elderly parents who do not use emails etc.

My bank statement gave the following details
Call UK 32 euro .37c
10 the August [ Shewsbury public phone]

Call V.A. 95 c 11th.

Call U.K. 15 euro .89c 29th

Donation to Save the Children 22 euro. Dated 14 the August,

issue with at&t


I called to have At&t disconnect any and all services I had with them in April of 2012. We left the house in April of 2012 and the house "foreclosed" May 1, 2012. Lately, I realized that we have been charged for every month since April of 2012 after my request to disconnect until this past month of May 2017! They have charged us for 5 years and a month. I have called and requested a refund for the past 5 years and one month 5 times. Every time they say they will get back with me and they seem not to.

I met with Clark Howard in person and he assured me that I have a right to ask for a refund and he advised me to contact BBG. The key, he mentioned is I have not lived in the house since then. Foreclosure statement is available.

Kambiz Pyvand

bbg app is killing me

Hi, I've used the app before and loved it. I cancelled a few months back and have recently tried to...

phone call from Berlin airport to Berlin hotel

A 3 minute urgent local call from a BBG credit card phone located at Berlin's Tegel (terminal 1) airport to my Berlin hotel on 3/1/17 (German time), cost me $49 (AUD). A taxi from the airport to the hotel costs less than this. This is outrageous. This airport phone does not list any costs and most people would assume it will be a reasonable cost, particularly for such a short call. Berlin's Tegel airport are also responsible for installing this phone on their premises. A complete list of the cost of the calls should be on display, so people are informed before they use this phone.

  • Updated by Jacquie Jenkins · Jan 30, 2017

    BBG communications pink phone at Berlin's Tegel airport - don't use

Unauthorized credit card charges


I tried to make a phone to Dasseldorf from Stuttgart HBF station 3 times and the call was not connected. But I got a mail from the Bank saying that, amount for 43.99 Euro has been deducted from my account 4 times. The call never got connected and I need the money back.
I have attached the photos of my money deduction for reference. I need the money back. Please send me the updates to [protected]

Thank you,
Rinil R.

Unauthorized credit card charges
Unauthorized credit card charges
Unauthorized credit card charges

BBG Communications

Unauthorized credit card charges

I tried to make a call from Düsseldorf airport to Amsterdam twice on Oct. 29 around 5 am. I passed my credit card on the Tmobile telephone cabin. The calls were never completed and now that I check my credit card balance they charged me 45USD and 37.38USD. Here the detail:

tarjeta PacifiCard TITULAR VISA 455178XXXXXX0631.
Establecimiento: BBG LUXEMBOURG LU
Fecha de la transacción: 29/10/2016 a las 19:04
Monto: $ 37.38.

tarjeta PacifiCard TITULAR VISA 455178XXXXXX0631.
Establecimiento: BBG LUXEMBOURG LU
Fecha de la transacción: 28/10/2016 a las 22:27
Monto: $ 45.00.

Since I have never completed any of the call attempts. I would like to receive a refound to my credit card.

Pay phones at london cannon st station

Yesterday at around 6.30pm, I tried to use a payphone as my mobile had run out of battery. As my train wa...

Airport payphone charges

I tried to use the pay phone at the Berlin Tegel airport. The information board on the phone clearly stated 0.50 Euros minimum and no specific charges for local calls.
I tried connecting to a local number in Berlin. It didn't connect - received an automated response - "the called number is not answering".
My credit card got charged Euros 27!!! for an attempted call!

BBG Communications Luxembourg.

Extremely high phone call charges from payphone using BBG Communications

14 Jan 2016, I landed at Berlin Tegel airport and used the payphone to make a call to neighbouring Poland, since I did not have any Euros on me I decided to use my credit card.
Call lasted for about 2-3 minutes.
My credit card was charged for 24 Euros for a 3 minute call to a neighbo uring EU country.
Plus to add more salt to the wound, I was again charged another couple of Euros for no reason. I was at home by then, however the billing shows an entry 2 days later, as if I had used the payphone once again at Berlin.
I have seen hundreds of complaints against this shoddy, scheming, wicked company, however I do not see any resolutions or actions by any government body.
Woe on you BBG for looting and overcharging customers

Phone box charges

I needed to use a phone box in Sheffield city center, UK. The screen told me to insert 60p which I did, but nothing happened nor did it give me my money back to try again. It then told me to insert my card which I did and made 5 very short phone calls. Each costing me £6. They were all local are code calls except one which was to a mobile, but all uk based. I was not expecting to be charged such a huge amount. Is there any way this could be refunded to match a reasonable amount?

Phone call to mobile number

You BBG THIEVES! I made a phone call from Da Vinci airport concourse H on 14 dec.2015 around 13.30 hrs to a mobile nr. in Romania paid with credit card.About 2 mins. cost me 49, yeah you read correctly fourty nine euros.BEEP YOU and your service.More than that, there is nowhere written the cost or rate/min.You BEEP ing thieves, the WB, I'M and others should take lessons from you, how to steal money.No I don't wanna any refund, just somebody from BBG LUXEMBOURG to read my complaint and get ashamed. Because I'm not...

Payphone scam

Yesterday (12th October 2015) I made a phone call to home with a payphone owned by BBG at Brighton main station, as my phone had ran out of credit and couldn't call home. I didn't have the correct change on me so I used my VISA debit card. It was only a 1 minute call, yet it charged 6 Pounds! I am quite shocked and quite angry because I was expecting a reliable service instead of a bunch of crooks ripping me off leaving me with very little money left! I'm surprised that this company is even allowed to perform such activities.

  • Be
    BeAlert using BBG Oct 15, 2015

    I too used this service on 12th Oct 2015 from Frankfurt Airport-Germany to call to India and I was charged for 46$ for 2 mints call. This is really a ridiculous service and please be care full.

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  • Ca
    candy rain Oct 26, 2015

    That is exactly what happened to me.A bored American guy took my complaint, obviously used to hearing this all day.Unbelievable!!!

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