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Russells / poor customer care

1 South Africa Review updated:

My fiance purchased a washing machine and later a HP notebook from Russells in Knysna. Few months later she was retrenched. She went to the store to complete necessary documentation and was told to make no further payments. Few months later went back to purchase a fridge only to be declined due to the previous account laying at their legal department. We were told that enquiries would be made and we would be contacted.. we never were. Following weekend we went back and nothing had been done. I added reports on "Hello Peter" and was then contacted by the area manager who promised to have it sorted out.. it never happened. After more reports on "Hello Peter", I was contacted by Esther van Rooyen is the complaints manager, she promised to have it sorted out once and for all and that it would take approximately 14 days to be cleared. Last week we applied for vehicle finance and was declined to find that my fiance was still on ITC from Russells.. this is now 2 years ago that she was retrenched in 2009

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  • Ge
      11th of Aug, 2016
    Russells - Bad service
    Russells / Montani
    South Africa

    Dear Sir / Madam

    On 04 Dec '10 we bought a lounge suite from Russells in East Rand Mall for cash. Within the 1st month, the material on one of the couches came loose from the fixed cushions. We reported the matter to the branch on 19 Jan '11. The stock clerk went out of her way to arrange for the couch to be collected and sent to the supplier for repairs on 29 Jan '11. Montani returned the couch to Russells, claiming it had been fixed. Russells returned the couch to us on 18 Feb '11. To our dismay, it was not fixed. I phoned Russells on the same day, whilst the delivery guys was still present. Russells advised that we take the matter up with the Supplier Montani. Montani was not interested in the complaint, and merely offered to fetch the couch again to have it fixed, keeping it again for 3-4 weeks, leaving me with nothing to sit on whilst entertaining guests. Obviously I refused, as they were given the opportunity already. Russells was contacted to either replace or refund, but to no avail. They also said they can only have it fixed. Now finally the couch material is torn where it came loose. Russells was contacted again and still just offered to have it fixed. I want a replacement or refund.

    Please assist

    Gerhard van Wyk

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  • Ge
      11th of Aug, 2016
    Russells - Disappointed and robbed
    United States

    I was sold goods in 2006 on a 36 month contract with Russels-Midrand while I was a contract worker and was told that I can open an account and buy form them and they will give me insurance for incase my contract expires or is terminated and the insurance will settle whatever the outstanding ammount will be. I recently lost my job and went to them to tell them and they now tell me that the insurance cant pay because I was not permanently employed and it only pays when you were retrentched. I have been sold an insurance that cant help me and they say that I still have to pay and that there is nothing they can do. I was told that if I dont pay they are coming to take the goods and I cant believe that no one is willing to help with an account I payed from the innitial purchase price of R28491.41 and I am left with R3783.00 the are not willing to help me.

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  • Al
      11th of Aug, 2016
    Joshua Doore - No feedback on damaged furniture
    South Africa

    I have forward this letter to Motoni Factory on 5 June 2012, but no replay from them or Joshua Door

    I have purchased a Parker Lounge Suite from Joshua Doore in Middelburg Mpumalanga approximately 14 months ago

    The back of the one seat unit collapsed after 2 months and was sent back to Joshua Doore for repair.
    This unit was at Joshua Doore / Motani for repair and we waited for approx 2 months before it was returned.
    After it come back the 3 seat couch started with the same problem.
    I have lodged the complaint with Joshua Doore and again they collected the one and three seat couches
    I waited for another 2 months before they came back.

    In October 2011 the same problem occurred and I have lodged the complaint again with Joshua Doore
    During the month of November 2011 they said the after Christmas they will pick it up for repairs due to the fact that the Factory closes for the Festive season.

    At that stage it was not only the back of the one seat that collapsed but also the complete chair was "wobbly" and the parts not properly connected.
    The recliner unit of the three seater collapsed and was "wobbly" too
    I have struggled with Joshua Doore since the beginning of January to collect the suite to return to the factory
    Only in April did they collect it. According to them they have sent it to Stitch in Time in Middelburg for repairs.
    After 3 weeks they phoned and informed us that Stitch in Time are not willing to repair it, it have to go back to the factory.

    I have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for a reply.

    At this stage I feel that for the price I have paid for the lounge suite the quality of the workmanship leaves much to be desired and I will definitely not recommend your business to anyone.

    As the guarantee has almost expired I feel that this reflects badly on your business.
    In a year's time this lounge suite has been returned to your Factory 3 times with no satisfaction to myself

    If we cannot reach an agreement on this matter I will taking my complaint to the Consumer Council.

    Thank you

    072 140 2289
    At this stage neither Joshua Doore nor Motani Factory come back to me with a conclusion.

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  • Lu
      22nd of Aug, 2016

    All I want is for Joshua Doore to give me a refund and we can lay the issue to rest.

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  • Lu
      22nd of Aug, 2016

    I purchased a Restonic Infinity 153CM Base Set MKII on 13/05/2014, (Cust nr:1132283). After a few weeks the one side started to "sag". A few months later I had it replaced. The new one also sagged and I then went to the store to ask for a refund. The store manager – a lady – said that she would look into it and let me know.

    I has now been months – almost a year later and NOTHING has been done to resolve the matter.

    When I went to the store again this morning - it had closed down.

    All I want is a refund and be done with it.

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  • Gi
      24th of Aug, 2016
    Russells - Pathetic isn't a word to explain what you call service
    United States

    Following numerous complaints still no lounge suite since November and yet Russels is still deducting.
    I dont want your poor quality, factory default lounge suite, give me a new one or return my monies or i will be consulting my laywer.

    I spoke to you in January and explained where i stand and never heard from you again.

    Pathetic isn't a word to explain what you call service.

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  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2016

    On the 13 September 2016 at 08h31 i bought a Sansui Home Theater System 205000000201783 HTIB1011 at Letsitele Russell store.Customer no 102252623.Order no 1863338.Shipping party B214 RUSSELS LETSITELE.But when i reached home it was 9h00 i connected the home theater and immediately i saw a smoke coming out of the DVD and i disconnected it and without wasting time i took it back to the Russels Store.And when i reached the store i explained my problem to one of Russels Employee her name is THEO.She connected the Home Theatric and the smoke was still coming out.The manager came which is Mr Gladwin Nkhwashu, We explain the situation to him and he said its my fault that the DVD is not working and he will give it to someone else tomorrow to look at it and he is not even guarantee that he is going to exchange the item that i had bought it.I had bad service that i had experienced from MR GLADWIN NKHWASHU LETSITELE RUSSELS STORE.

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  • Si
      8th of Feb, 2018

    Bought wardrobe and headboard from Russells Broad Street in Durban on 17/12/2017 and paid cash. Goods were delivered and they sent someone to assemble the wardrobe on 22/12/2017 only to find that there was a missing piece for the wardrobe. I phoned Russells same day but up to today nothing has been done. I have phoned them a numerous times, even spoke to the store manager Lindiwe Mthethwa still no response not even from the sales person Judge who assisted me with the purchase. Today is 08/02/2018 and still stuck with a wardrobe that I can't use. All I want now is my money back and for Russells to collect their wardrobe as I'm in the process to contact my attorney about this matter. Their service is sickening as much as their poor quality of goods. OK Furniture gave me the world class service and I bought x2-3quarter beds, 1 double bed, 1 queen bed, Defy stove and KIC fridge after pathetic, sickening service from Russells (Broad Street) in Durban!!!

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  • Sh
      19th of Apr, 2018

    Bad Service at Russells in Voortrekker Road Parow, Cape Town .To deliver damaged stock that is on the floor to a customer who bought a Double bed, Kitchen scheme and Wall Unit cash. Its not On. Russells customer services are weak, bad and clearly do they not care of they customers to deliver stock that was displaying on the floor and not from they warehouse as new .Delivery is worse . An to wait on your own money for two weeks is more bad, that clearly means Russells is off my shopping list forever. The manager Roxanne and Tracey must be mark red because clearly they cant work with customers.

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  • Tl
      18th of Sep, 2018

    Morning Sir/Madam
    I am T L Marametsi my id No: 7011250412087.
    I recently wrote a report about the sofa that I bought to Russels in Orkney branch(application No.11-07-2017
    And on the 17/09/2018 sofa was again delivered but still that sofa was not up to satisfying and I said they should returned it.
    Guys I pay for these account why should I get such a treatment tell my why??????
    Now I am tired by talking the same thing.
    My email:[protected] or [protected]

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  • Hl
      15th of Oct, 2018

    I bought a bedroom suits(for cash) at Esikhawini it took them about 6days to deliver while they promised to deliver within 48hours, no one cared to at least update me or explain its not delivered in time and when I went to the store to complain their manager gave me attitude as if I didn't pay for it...their service is stinks

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  • Pn
      12th of Mar, 2019

    Good Day

    My mother bought a TV Set 32inch Sansui from Russells April 2017. Earlier this year she encounter problems with the TV as it showed Blur visions. She then took the TV to Russells for assistance. She was told it was out of guarantee however she must leave it as they will see what they can do. After 2 weeks they contacted her to fetch the TV only to find out nothing has done and the Screen is also broken, they also didn't was to take accountability of the broken Screen as well that the TV is working at all now. I went to Russells today, 12 March to enquire about the issue and I was told that nothing was done on the TV for whole 2 weeks, only the paper work that was done also there's nothing they do as it was out of guarantee. My argument is that, how can they keep the TV for 2 weeks only paper work nothing else was done. Why they didn't tell the customer same day that they will not do anything on the set.They didn't even check what was wrong and what was said by the customer was indeed the case. Why the customer was not given option to whether to repair the TV and pay the cost if need be, instead they contacted her to fetch it. The broke the screen and didn't have the audacity to inform the customer. My mother noticed that at home and they lost the remote control as well. I am very disgusted with this kind of service Russells provide to my mother

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