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It seems to be human nature, to only complain, so I thought it only fair to post a good experience with this company, that my wife and I just had.

Here's our story: On the President's Day weekend of 2010 (just last weekend, as I write this), we discovered that my wife's passport was expired. At that time, there were only 10 days until we had to travel to the Bahamas. The expedited service through the USPS was two to three weeks, according to the Department of State website. It was Saturday morning and we scrambled to see what our alternatives were and I Googled "passport expediting services". The first one that came up was We immediately jumped in to the process, as the website seemed well designed and legitimate. We filled out the online forms, got our ducks in a row at home, and waited for a call from an agent (as promised on the website). We didn't hear from anyone for 2 days and on Monday we called. The operator said they were closed because of President's Day (which made sense, as I, too, was off work) and to expect a call the next day. Honestly, I started to get concerned, as I then Googled the site's name, again, but this time with "reviews" after it. I read some bad ones... BUT - come Tuesday, an agent from the company, Kyle Cloud, called my wife and started the ball rolling. He sent us an email with the check-list and the authorization letter (to allow to work on our behalf). He then sent a FedEx label, via email. He carefully walked my wife through all the steps and double and triple checked that we had everything in the envelope. Here is what he stressed the most, after that - YOU MUST send the FedEx, when you are directed to, as they have a limited amount of spots, each day, to get in front of the proper folks to get this done. We had everything sewn up, on our end...and FedExed the envelope when and as directed. Kyle called on Wednesday to confirm he had received the documents and everything was in order. He did say that there would be a one day delay, because of the volume of business they had. As such, he would be refunding us $50, as we paid for the next day air option and it would now be two days. We asked if we could switch delivery to Saturday for a little extra. He checked, and asked if we were OK with $25 refunded, rather than $50, due to the extra charge from FedEx for Saturday delivery. We agreed that would be fine, as we would only be a few days away from our trip and just wanted to get the documents in hand. So...on Saturday...9:30 AM, the FedEx truck pulled up, in front of our house...and there was the envelope with my wife's new passport. This was TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY. It was a great service and they did EVERYTHING they said they would. Here's where I think a disconnect can happen, which can lead to disgruntled customers (which would not be the fault of the service). You can not have incorrect information, a damaged passport or any other problems that would cause the service not to work, due to things that would cause governmental delays. It is clearly laid out on the site what the requirements are. You can't fault the company for having guidelines...and let's face it...many people fail to read what they need to. And, in regard to faulting a company for wanting to make money...that's what they're there for. They're a business. Anyway - the net of it is that if you have your stuff together, these folks can be trusted and it's a great service. I highly recommend it!!!

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  • Mr
      9th of Dec, 2011
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    Obviously made by one of the low lifes that works for Nice try, fraud!!

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