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Terrible. Just terrible. I definitely needed a simple rush job, and it appeared they were good to go with that. In fact, they were great at first. They walked me through the steps in a way that almost made me feel like a little kid, which is great - just to make sure each step was properly followed. When I got to the post office with all the paperwork, it was perfect. So the docs were all sent off properly. But then there was a small snafu that was unrelated to RMP's assistance. RMP let me know about that pretty quickly, and I worked that out within 24 hours and called them back to let them know that it had been corrected. From that point on, they were absolutely worthless. They punted, as if their job was over. They flat out told me that I needed to then talk with the State Department to arrange getting the passport issuance finalized, which was very complicated since RMP was still listed as the recipient (including the address) of the new passport. Because of the snafu, I was dealing with like a 24 hour window so the details were critical. I explained that to no less than 3 RMP agents, and none of them were even interested in doing anything to help. I finally figured out that the "reps" that RMP had assigned to assist in case of a problem were outside agents, like travel agents who were "on call, " and none of them really cared too much. It was pitiful. I ended up just not involving them anymore at all and arranging for the State Department to bypass RMP and send me the passport directly via overnight mail (which cost me ADDITIONAL money over and above the $ I paid RMP) to send it directly to me, so I literally got the passport and then went directly to the airport and had a successful trip. But it was literally no help to RMP. I did all the work. And this may sound crazy, but worst of all, RMP still has not contacted me at all to check in or update me or see if I ever received my passport. They have no idea that I arranged to have the passport redirected to me instead of them, so as far as they know, we are still waiting on the passport being delivered to them for my trip that was supposed to start 2 weeks ago. But no call, no e-mail, nothing from RMP at all. Does THAT sound like good customer service? I would never suggest or recommend that anyone use this service unless (1) you absolutely require your passport within the 2-4 week time frame AND (2) you are absolutely, definitely, certainly know that there is no chance for any blips at all (and I had no idea there would be one!!!). Otherwise, do it on your own. You're far better off - you'll give yourself better customer service and you'll save whatever the cost was, like $170? Wow.

Nov 22, 2018

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