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I was an employee of Rural King store #73 for a very brief time unfortunately, I enjoyed working there everyone was very nice, my co-workers and of course the customers. I myself had been a long time customer so I thought why not work here. I was hired pretty much right away and worked a little over a month before things went south. On 8/8/18 I had to call off due to a family emergency (my dad took a heart attack the day before and was having surgery), dad was released from the hospital the following Friday 8/10/18 I worked the day after his surgery that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately on Sunday 8/12/18 dad had a massive heart attack and was life flighted to a Westmoreland hospital, I left mid-shift (on my lunch break) after finding this out and notifying the manager on duty Chris. I was off 8/13/18 when dad was again life flighted out to a Pittsburgh hospital I stayed with him the whole time surgery was once again scheduled for 8/14/18 after getting him stable. His surgery was scheduled for 8:30 that morning I had to work at 3:30 and since it was only to be a 2 hour operation I had plenty of time to be at work, unfortunately there were many complications and he never got out of surgery until almost 3pm leaving me no choice but to have to call off once again, I didn't have to work again until 8/16/18 when I clocked in I was called to the office and told that due to the call offs and on one day my til was short $5 and over $8 on another I was being terminated, Seriously your telling me that my dads health is not considered an excusable call off?? Anyway I'm glad I found this out now before I worked there any longer because if this is the way this company treats their employees than I don't want to be a part of it now or ever my dads going to soon be 71 I don't know how much more time I'll have with him especially with his failing health and heart being so bad so I'll never regret my decisions in being there when he woke up from both his surgeries instead of being at work. I'm not one to just call off work for no reason so when I do know that it's usually a very good one I've went to work in the past very sick, but still went. I just wanted everyone to know what kind of company Rural King really is and I hope that Mr Alex Melvin sees this and makes some changes in the policies for other employees there in the future,

Thank you
Missy Showman aka Melissa Showman employee #52440


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      Sep 03, 2018

    Unfortunately they have a right to expect an employee to be dependable. They cant shut down the store because they don't have dependable employees. What you should have done is talk with your manager and see if he would allow you to take an extended amount of time off instead of trying to work here and there. That would have given them the opportunity to plan for your absence. If he would have denied you, you had the option of filing for flma family medical leave act which would have given you the time off you needed and your job would have been secure except for the 2 mistakes you made at the cash register. That in itself is reason to let someone go.

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      Jul 10, 2019

    I was an rk cashier for one year most of the time managers were ok but the job didn't pay well and then they contracted out and paid new employees 2 dollars more than existing employees made and wouldn't give the existing employees a raise to appropriate standards. I'm an hr manager working on my mba now and this was unethical. But still you should have noticed your manager you needed a block of time off due to family emergencies but as for cashier issue they should have retrained you before termination. Qualifiable Eeoc issue.

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