Rural King / suzie, hp.

Parkersburg, WV, United States

In September I submitted a resume about a job interest I have been looking for being a minor. I then followed up with weeks and have turned in everything that was required from me to them. I got my 1st interview through the phone and everything seemed as it was going as planned until Susie, did not put my background check in, until about 1-2 weeks ago. I called once a week now, every single week following up to now. She says there was a change in the head manager, and that they now have something going on with hours. I was promised job and would love to work the company of Rural King. Since the beginning of it coming to Parkersburg ; I was very interested in working with the company. When going into the store I asked if they were hiring, and they did say they were hiring 16 years old and I then out my application in. I am very confused on what my next steps should be. I got told I was forsure hired for working with the company and would love to start. I just have been now going on 2 months of waiting for someone to take the next steps with me. I would love to hear feed-back because I myself do not know the next steps to take. I was told today that there was a chance I would have to wait 3 more weeks to even be called in for orientation.

Oct 20, 2017

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