Royal Holiday Vacation Clubtimeshare scam

We purchased out time share in 2003 paid off 2008 NEVER missed a payment. Only used it two times, out dates were NEVER available even though I tried book year in advance. Also the "all inclusive" was outrages cost for family of four. During sale they promised airline discounts, free points for paying on time endless promises, that we NEVER got anything. We continues to pay for maintenance fees but in 2009 we suffered a financial hardship I reached out to RH. Endless call and emails. Never got a helpful customer service rep. 2010 I STOP payment of maintenance fees, every time they would call I stated I want out of contract, I don't want my $$ back I just want OUT. They stated to please send certified letter, I did it right away and email and calls continued for years ... last year they stop 2017 ?? and last week I get a collection letter for over $3000. I am so UPSET. We need a class action lawsuit or something, I been reading they are STILL SCAMMING FAMILIES after 15 years..

May 30, 2018

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