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Royal Holiday (Travel Experience) / 60 day cancelation promised but not true

1 Mexico

My name is Carmen Azevedo. My husband David and I stayed at the Oasis Cancun January 13-20/07 on our honeymoon. When we were checking in we were directed to the concierge to set up a honeymoon package, which we never received. The lady that helped us set up a meeting on Sunday January 14/07 with what we thought was the Nolitour representative as sit was at the same time as what we had on our package. When we arrived on the Sunday the meeting was in fact with a representative for Royal Holiday which has an office set up at the Grand Oasis Hotel.

We were given a tour of a suite, and then sat down with Art Martinez from Royal Holiday. We signed up for a package for just under $3000.00 that was for travel coupons good for 5 years. We were told we had 60 days to cancel this contract for a full refund. Upon signing these contracts it appeared that we were signing up for a package for $10,000.00 and there was no mention of the cancellation that he advised us about. Mr. Martinez assured us that we were not signing up for that. Mr. Martinez crossed off the portion of the monthly payments to prove to us that we were only signing up for the 5 year package. He also wrote on our contract that we could cancel and either keep the gifts in exchange for the payment we made on our Visa or cancel for full refund. He did not write 60 days on it however.

On Tuesday January 16/07 after having second thoughts about what we signed up for I went back to the Royal Holiday office at the Grand Oasis to cancel the contract and hand in the packages we were given. I was directed to speak with Mr. Octavio de la Canal – Sales Director. Who had me write a letter stating that I wanted to cancel and the reasons why. He advised me I had to take the packages home with me as they are to be returned once the amount was credited back to our credit card. I asked Mr. de la Canal for a copy of what I had given him stating our intent to cancel and he refused to do so. We would never have knowingly signed a contract committing us to a monthly charge of roughly $200.00 as we advised Mr. Martinez of our situation of having just gotten married , purchasing a new house and not having a full idea of what our monthly expenses were going to be. At this stage of our lives just starting out and potentially starting a family in the near future we would never commit to something like this.

Upon arriving home we received a statement from Royal Holiday asking for the first monthly installment of this contract. I contacted Royal Holiday to discuss this situation and spoke with Mr. Molina who advised me that we only had 5 days in which to cancel the contract, which we did within 2 days. He advised me that they did not receive a cancellation letter that Mr. da la Canal advised me he had sent in. Mr. Molina advised me that he would look into this and when he called me back he advised me that the resort advised him that we did go there to cancel the contract, but were resold on the package, which is absolutely not true. I tried to contact Mr. Martinez using the cell # that he wrote on our contract only to find it is not a valid number. I have also tried to email him using the email address he provided us and have not received any response.

Thank you

Carmen Rodrigues Azevedo

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