Royal Holiday / time share scam

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E-mail sent to royal holiday:

"it is with a deep sense of regret that I have to pen this letter to you.
My husband and I were on vacation in the bahamas in march 2008. We were
Staying at breezes bahamas and were approached by a young man to visit
The wyndham to have lunch and to visit the casino. We were then told
About a great opportunity to join royal holiday and the benefits told
Were extremely generous but as we indicated to the sales rep, david
Sweating, we already had a time share with westgate in orlando.

Then indicated to us that they would sell our timeshare for us (Free of
Charge), thus making it easier to meet our payment with royal holiday.
He also offered us a mediterranean cruise which we could use for 10
People valued at us$900.00 per person. We then inquired from him if we
Were unable to go on a mediterranean cruise what would happen. He
Offered to convert it then to 45, 000 points which we were told covered
The same above and that we could use to go on any cruise for the same

Now we are trying to use our points to go on a caribbean cruise for 10 people as promised, we are being told the following:

We do not have the 45, 000 points to go on a cruise for 10 people. My
Husband spoke to yasmin at [protected] who pointed out an addendum
Clause to the contract (This document was signed in haste as they quickly put it in front of you as a matter of formality). This
States that only if we cash out the balance of $11, 772.20 within 30-90
Days of the contract date only then we would have received the 45, 000
Points. (What is the sense of this)

2. We spoke to someone at
The cruise department who said that you can only use 15, 000 points on a
Cruise at one time per annum. We could never have used all 45, 000
Points. (Another lie)

3. We are still paying our westgate
Timeshare without any word from royal holiday with regards to their
Sale of this. (Now we are paying 2 timeshares)

In light of the
Above and as per numerous reports we have gotten, we wish to
Dis-associate ourselves from your company. Please accept this letter
As your authorization to cancel this time share immediately. We have
Also instructed our bank to refuse all entries processed by your
Company as they are fraudulent. Additionally from further
Investigations made there are a lot of reports which confirms our
Claims that this seems to be the modus-operandi of royal holiday. As
Such we request a full refund of all monies paid to you.

Trust that this matter can be resolved amiably and our solicitors do
Not have to get involved. We look forward to your co-operation in this

Above is an excerpt of an e-mail I sent to royal holiday. I have written to them on numerous occasions and no one has responded. I eventually
Went to their website and pasted the e-mail above. They eventually said someone would contact me regarding my complaint. No one did. On saturday 15th august 2009 a rep by the name of jennifer [protected] x 2630 continuously called my home leaving abusive messages and threatening me for not paying maintenance. Exactly what am I paying for. Giving away my hard earned money to some tricksters. They have lied to me promising me things they in no way was giving. I would like to know if their is any agency that this company can be reported to and if anyone has had any success with these people?

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      Aug 30, 2009

    I may be able to help you get out from this problem. Please write me at ###[protected]

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