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Complaint #1. FYI: I am a 57 year old, white woman.

Twice, now, on 2 different Tuesdays, but within a month of each other (one occurred in Manassas, VA, the other, just yesterday, occurred in Fairfax Va), the cashier failed to remember to give me my 55 and over discount. My totals were, all together, over $500, so this was not some small discount.
When I went back to the store, they said I'd have to come back ON A TUESDAY for them to make the adjustment...IF they could make it AT ALL. Not time and the hassle of dealing with your incompetent employees is worth more than $50...but really?

As a result of several (not one or two, but 3) cashier errors yesterday in Fairfax VA, I had to return to my Ross (in Manassas, VA) to try to straighten out my receipt as I am a stager and need to itemize purchases for my business. The manager at the Manassas store, just now (she was Indian...I was there at 9am today), told me she could NOT do anything to credit/charge me for the mistakes that had been made yesterday...because they were at another location! I had been double-charged for one item, and NOT charged for 2 items! And she said, "No, I cannot do anything here. You must drive to that location"!

What kind of absurdity is that? Your mistake, both times (forgetting to give me the discount, and screwing up my order) and I, the customer, am told to drive the 45 minutes, in DC traffic, to straighten it out!

Bad, bad customer service.

You need to better train your employees. They have NO IDEA how to make adjustments...and, today, she treated me like I was the one trying to swindle YOU, saying, "they have security cameras there". What?

I do not appreciate being treated this way.

Fran Franke

PS. I spend boatloads of money at your stores. You can look me up.
You should take some time studying the business model of Target...those employees are efficient, polite and there are RARELY any lines at customer service as they get you through so quickly.
I love most of your merchandise, and your prices can't be beat, but your lines are usually very long, your cashier knowledge and politeness are serious lacking.
In her defense, the first cashier I was with today (she had to call the manager), said quietly to me after the manager walked away, "I'm so sorry...I don't know why she couldn't adjust your receipt makes no sense".
She was an older, white woman, don't know her name.

Dec 07, 2016

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