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I placed an order for 3 sweaters/hoodies about 3 weeks ago, and I have yet to receive the clothes. I have now called three times to request a refund and have been given every single BS line in the book. This company is a SCAM, so AVOID AT ALL COSTS! They have the entire ripoff playbook: Mislead. Confuse. Ignore.

In my latest phone call, I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor 25 times (I recorded the conversation) and was told (lied to) each and every time, that no supervisor was present. I was also told (lied to) that it was impossible for the rep to process a refund, and that I would have to first return the clothes I ordered ... You know, the clothes that NEVER ACTUALLY CAME??? (For the record, they do this to further frustrate customers. Since you are responsible to pay return shipping, their ploy is to sell you garbage quality clothing, that will now cost you a bunch of money if you want to send it back)

So yep, avoid this company like the plague. My next step is to report them to the BBB, PayPal, and the credit card agencies they work with that are IMHO complicit in robbing people! I'll send them the recorded conversation if I have to. This is utterly ridiculous. If companies like Visa & MasterCard continue to do business with scam-artists like Rosegal, then they should be sued at this point ... they ARE JUST AS GUILTY. Just take a look at the reviews across the internet! Every single review of Rosegal is a rip-off complaint, yet the CC companies apparently only care if they are getting their cut of the scam. How very sad.

Oct 19, 2018

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