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Rooms To Go / horrible customer service

Frisco, TX, United States Review updated:
We purchased a mattress at Rooms To Go in Frisco, Texas and the salesman told us we had 30 days to try the mattress out and see if we liked it. We chose one specifically because it was soft, but when it was delivered, it felt completely different than the one on the showroom floor. It was as hard as a rock. We went back to the store and talked to the manager about exchanging for a softer mattress. The manager just told us to go home and "walk around on it." We explained to him that we were not happy with it and wanted to find out what our options were. Unfortunately, he continually cut us off and basically told us that we didn't understand how mattresses work. He would not listen to anything we had to say, and kept giving the same speech about how he would lose money if he took the mattress back. He was very condescending, and most of the time would not even look up from the papers he had in his hand. He treated us like we were stupid. When we tried to explain that we were told that we had 30 days, he didn't believe us at all, and said that he was sure that even if the salesman told us that, he would have also told us that it is up to the manager's discretion and would have brought the manager to see us. The part he was "sure was said" never was. We are extremely upset and disappointed with Rooms To Go, especially its complete lack of customer service. We will never shop at their store again, and caution others about doing so. If you do, be ready to accept whatever problems you end up having, because they are not willing to help resolve them.
November 11, 2008


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  4th of Apr, 2009
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we purchased a latex mattress from rooms to go less than a year ago. several moths ago i began to notice a hump in the center. we are not heavy people so that cant be the problem. it became so severe that i had to place a pillow between the mattress and the box spring to try and off set the slump. we paid over $1800 for the set and felt it should last at the very least a few years (the "warranty" states 20 years). we called customer service and they seemed friendly enough and suggested that the mattress would be exchanged, we simply had to have a rep come out to document the problem. the rep did come out, measured the "body impression" on both sides and said that we would hear from customer service within 5 days. they waited the full 5 days to respond, and told us that the 1 1/2" impressions were "normal wear and tear". if we weighed 300+ pounds or used the bed as a trampoline, i may have agreed with them. however, since neither is the case i insisted they sent another person out. well, he just left, and in less than a month the "body impressions" have sunk another 1/2" and is now TWO inches on either side. the hump in the middle is visible to the naked eye. we shall see if rooms to go stands behind their products...
  4th of Apr, 2009
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You are holding Rooms To Go accountable for the problem but all they did was sell you the mattress. You really should go after the manufacturer of the product rather than its vendor. I admit myself that Rooms To Go sells some flimsy furniture that is way overpriced but still there is a certian point in time that the vendor's responsibility becomes obsolete and the manufacturer is the accountable party.
  20th of Apr, 2009
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Don't buy from Rooms To Go. You will definitey regret it.
  31st of Aug, 2010
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I completely agree with this. I had the same experience. Purchased a Nature's Sleep mattress from Rooms To Go and, a few days after, my son had an allergic reaaction to it. After several arguments with the store manager, I was told that I could exchange the mattress and there would be a 20% restocking fee, plus a $50.00 delivery fee for them to pickup the mattress. I told them I would deliver the mattress myself to the store, and I was told that I couldn't do that.

Be careful if you purchase from them, as it seems everything is a "Final Sale"
  10th of Jul, 2011
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DO NOT SHOP AT ROOM TO GO (BayBrook Mall)!!!
Customer Service was horrible and rude. I bought a set of sofa and love seat, I waited for a week to be delivered, the delivery poeple showed up late and one piece has all scratch up so they have to take it back. they made me call customer Service to schedule another delivery date which will take another the week. The love seat that I received look kinda awkward in my living room and since they will have to come back to my house again for the sofa so I was thinking that I wanted to exchange for a different style. The next day I went to the Room To Go store and talked to the manager to explain my situation and she rudely replied "you bought it you have to live with it, no exchange". I have referred a lot of my friends and family members purchase their funitures there and this is how they treat their loyal customers. i will try to call their corporate office and talk to the president of that company.

  16th of Jul, 2012
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Attempted to purchase a mattress set. Salesman placed the wrong one on the invoice. (A MORE EXPENSIVE set that DID NOT come with the FREE TV...coincidence or bait and switch? You be the judge.) Turned out the one I wanted actually doesn't exist in the style I needed. First, tried to blame me, saying I'd changed my mind. Not! Second, tried to say the price tags had been switched. Also not! My debit card was charged for the deposit before the mistake was noticed. They acted like I was hassling them by needing my money back for THE PRODUCT I DIDN'T BUY (or want in the first place). And we're not talking chump change. Hundreds of dollars. Instead of crediting my card immediately, or issuing me cash or a check, they said I had to wait for a refund check from their corporate office. They take my money for nothing, for THEIR mistake, and refuse to return it for WEEKS. Gave me all this bogus spiel about "there's nothing else we can do, this is our refund policy". First of all, it wasn't a REFUND. I didn't change my mind. It was a credit issued for THEIR MISTAKE. Second, there were plenty of things they COULD have done, but they REFUSED to do anything else. And get this...here's the icing on the cake...I was charged a processing fee. THEY CHARGED ME A FEE TO TAKE MY MONEY AND HOLD IT FOR WEEKS. I had a line of credit with them and had intended to use it on other furniture. Closed the account and I'll never step foot in one of their stores again. Don't take my word for how awful they are. Read the other complaints here and at all the other sites. You'll find hundreds, all saying more or less the same thing: Rooms to Go will rip you off, they'll give you crappy service and crappy products, and they just don't care. Wish I'd read all the reviews before I went there. Oh, and if you see a response from them saying "We're sorry to hear about...please contact us at..." don't buy into that, either. It's a form response just to make it look like they care. The email address they say to use for resolution? It's the one I DID use. Dang sure didn't resolve anything for me! JUST STAY AWAY!!!
  18th of Aug, 2015
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I bought a living room set from rooms to go over a year ago. the day that the furniture was delivered, the delivery guys broke a pin in the back of my loveseat. They told me that rooms to go could have some one out to fix it within a week. A week went by and nothing. I have since had their repair guys out several times to fix stitching on that same love seat. Each and every time, I have had one of their repair persons in my home, the pin was discussed. I was told that they had ordered a part and it was back order until July. Then once July ad come and gone with no part, I contacted their customer service again only to discover that they were telling me that I was in the extended warranty period now and it was not their problem. Meanwhile the extended warranty group is telling me that they won't cover it because it was a problem prior to the extended warranty period. I am sick to death of their horrible customer service and run around.
  6th of Nov, 2015
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My name is Hilda Martinez I am submitting some picture about my leather sofa which is breaking.

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