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Reviews and Complaints

Rooms To Go verified

[Resolved] bonded leather sofa - defective

I am writing about a sofa I had purchased on Nov 10, 2013. My sofa is literally falling apart and have seen a lot of comments online about this particular sofa having a lot of issues from peeling.

My order number: 9403679
Name: Justin Longenbach
Purchased: Rooms to Go Perimeter

This sofa was very rarely used as it was in our rec room so there is no reason this should have happened except due to manufacturer defect. We also purchased barstools at the same time which all have experienced the peeling as well.

I am very disappointed by the quality of the items I was sold and thought I was purchasing a quality set. This was clearly not the case and I am hopeful that you all will stand behind your product as this is clearly a manufacturer defect and should be corrected for all people sold these sofas.

Attached are photos of the sofa. I am not asking for a refund but would like a credit for the amount paid so I can get a new sofa.

I regret referring my good friend to buy this same sofa in white. She literally had to give it away since it fell apart.

bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective
bonded leather sofa - defective

  • Rooms To Go's response · Dec 04, 2019

    Thank you for leaving us your review. We would like the opportunity to look into this further in hopes of resolving this matter to the best of our ability. Please email us your order details to [email protected] We hope to hear from you soon! - Tiffany

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

Rooms To Go verified

[Resolved] leather sofa peeling

I've had been a Rooms to Go repeat customer for over 20 years and never have I been so disappointed with quality of merchandise. I purchased I believe a Cindy Crawford Living Collection with an L shaped sofa, ottoman and chair in late 2013. I was given leather conditioner and advised that I could always get more free of charge. I condition my Sofa and accessories as instructed. Strangely enough, currently only the the left swing of the sofa is showing signs of wear, the other pieces to the collection appear to be almost as new. I notice a little peeling a few months back and wrote it off as maybe someone had damaged my item while visiting.
Now I notice it's peeling more and more, won't be long before it's completely ruined. I rarely set in my living room or entertain. I have a bedroom set I purchased over 20 years ago, on clearance but it has lasted longer than I expected, and several other pieces over the years. My dining room is complete with a lovely Sofia Vergara Collection that appears to be holding up for the last couple of years. RTG discontinue items after awhile, so I know I will not be able to replace the piece that seems to peeling away, This seems to be a common factor for furniture purchased during that time period from RTG. I probably don't have my order number or receipts back dated to that time, but if I could get my item professional repaired i would continue to be a advocate RTG customer. I questionable after this experience.

  • Rooms To Go's response · Sep 04, 2019

    We are truly sorry to learn that you living room furniture is peeling. Can you please send us the order number or phone number associated with your purchase to [email protected]? We'd be happy to look into this for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Rooms To Go verified

damaged furniture

On April 12, 2008 at approximately 9:00 am, a RTG delivery driver parked a fully loaded 15-20 Ton truck on my concrete driveway to unload furniture. Although I met the driver as he was getting out of the truck and asked him to move the truck to the street for unloading, he replied it doesnt state unloading from the street on the sales order. I advised him the weight of the truck will damage a residential concrete driveway and he must move it immediately. His response to my second request to move the truck to the street was well, Im already here and continued to lower the lift and unload. On my third request, I demanded he move the truck immediately and if I hadn't seen his 8 or 9 year old daughter peek around from the back of the truck, would have likely handled the situation more aggressively. At that point I advised the driver I would be contacting Rooms to Go to which he replied go right ahead. As a direct result of the drivers negligence, the area of the driveway where the truck parked, has been broken, cracked, crushed and shifted. Each time it rains, the water seeps into the cracks weakening the foundation and causing further damage. Although SE Independent Delivery Services had their own contractor estimate $4000.00 to patch one section of the driveway, I was offered $1, 000.00 as compensation however my 6 estimates shows the actual cost of repairs range from $8, 061.00 to $ 13, 150.00.

  • Valerie Sep 17, 2008

    When they delivered the sleeper and saw the stairs they had to go up the two guys said it won't fit and refused to even try. Even though in other other room upstairs has a full size sofa my wife and I took up earlier in the week. So that said they would cancel the order back at the warehouse. Since I was out of town during this time, called five days later and

    spoke with bryan (store manager) and the order wasn't cancelled and knew nothing about this problem, even though my wife spoke with the sales person (Watana)that afternoon they refused to the del.& set-up My problem is we used a debit card and there policy is to return it by company check (7-21 days later) What a way to keep$900 in their account for 3 weeks? They are fast to take money and take there time to return it.

    Last time I purchased two night stands for my wife's birthday, it took 2 1/2 hrs for the warehouse to bring them to the loading dock. NEVER WILL I RETURN TO THIS STORE AGAIN.

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  • Ve
    Vernon Burcham Oct 10, 2008

    I didn't authorize the $7.99 that was taken out of my checking acct. on10/09/2008. I would like to know why this was done and
    would like the $7.99 returned to my checking acct.
    Thank You
    Vernon Burcham

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  • Sa
    Sandie Feb 20, 2009

    I appreciate seeing these complaints, but I'm interested in how the store on Veterans Memorial Hwy in Metairie, LA handles problems with damaged furniture and deliveries!

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  • Mr
    Mrs mesha Jan 29, 2017

    Hello this Michael Harrington phone number 813-531-7052 we got this furniture from Rooms to Go Dale Mabry HWY Tampa Fl 33607 the furniture was supposed to be leather but it's vinyl as you can see it started peeling thanks and have a blessed day

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  • Mr
    Mrs mesha May 17, 2017

    Attention Aries from Michael Harrington you can reach me at 813-531-7052 thanks and have a bless day 5/17/2017 at 2:05 pm

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  • Be
    Bernard watermon Sep 28, 2017

    Bernard watermon my phone number is 843 926 2841 my order number is 932 3104-9852377

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