Romwepayment not received

I ordered from Romwe in late January around the 27th. My order and everything went through. I checked up on my order the next day and it said it could not track it. I assumed it was normal since i have seen reviews and many people said the same.
I had not received any information on my shipping and it had been a few days. I went back to check the update and had seen that my order had been cancelled. It said i hadn't paid, which i did. I do not know if this is some kind of scam but i know it is not. i do not know whats going on with my order. I did not cancel it and i paid for it.
I also just went and spent a lot of my hard earned money on romwe and got nothing in return. It's already February. It has been about 21 days. I need help asap.
Can someone please reply to this? This was my order number RWPLB33337
I would appreciate it if you can get back to me soon.
I would also appreciate it if all my clothes that i ordered and paid for will come through to me. No one should wait this long and stress that they just got scammed. I have seen reviews and everything. I ordered from Romwe because they have really nice clothing.

Feb 17, 2018

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