Romwecompany personal - i've written to at least 3 so far - pretend not to understand their system of alloting points from previous orders


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I emailed Romwe - an online clothing retailer based in China - and requested that the points allotted from 3 previous orders be issued on my points page. (Ive made 4 very large orders altogether this year.) Romwe states on their website that they give a percentage of points towards the next orders - 75%

I've already received the points from my first order which went towards the payment of my second order. Here is the link to the page which shows the amount of the points allotted from my first order and the date:
Look under the heading 'Points Details".

However, the 3 consultants I've emailed asking about my missing points don't seem to understand how their own system works and keep writing with more questions. Everyone seems puzzled by my request to be issued the points from my last 3 orders. One even replied with questions about the order numbers, etc, and asking which order was which, when I'd typed the order numbers and the sequence number of these orders beside each order - and linked to them - in capital letters. I keep wondering if these are just delaying tactics are you're only allowed a certain amount of time to redeem your points. They do give points for several other things, as well, such as writing reviews, as the first two consultants pointed out - adding that they're not aware of receiving points from the orders, themselves.
Earlier this year I'd written to Romwe asking when my order points would come through, and I was told they wouldn't be given out until my orders had been delivered. They've all been delivered months ago now, and yet these points still haven't been put into my points page which shows a total of 0 points - as you can see from the link I wrote you, above.

As it takes 24 hours for a consultant from Romwe to reply to an email, I can see this process taking a very long time when they only reply asking more questions. I asked to be put in touch with a manager or team leader and then got a response from someone called Bright. But he or she seemed just as clueless as the other two consultants making me wonder if Bright really was a manager or team leader.
I don't know what else to do at this stage.

Btw, here is the list of my past orders and their number, dates, links and their sequences which I sent yesterday to the 3rd Romwe support person - who was supposedly a manager or team leader:

Here are my order numbers and the page they're on:

FIRST ORDER: RWKHZ33641 Date : 11-02-2018 - I've already received the points from this first order which I put towards the second order.
Romwe Page of order -

SECOND ORDER: [protected]:16:01 RWZAP34371
Romwe page of order -

THIRD ORDER: [protected]:56:16 RWAAC34398
Romwe page of order

FOURTH ORDER: [protected]:45:33 RWPYH34473
Romwe page of order -

As you can see, their pretty self-explanatory. However, today, back came these questions from the supposed manager or team leader:
'Please tell me your 1st order number to check, and how many points do you have originally?
Do you mean you could get points after you placed orders? please confirm it.'

This 'manager' didn't seem to understand the order sequence I'd clearly outlined or their company policies of allotting points based on the order total spent.

This makes me feel reluctant to do business with Chinese business people. As I am a retailer, myself, in Australia, and buy huge amounts of clothing, my trust in the process is important for any future negotiations with Chinese business. Can you please help me?

Wendy Peterson
[protected] au

May 01, 2018

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