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Factual information:
Date of incident: Friday 24/11/2017
Order nr: 73
Time: 16:07
Inv. Type Counter nr: [protected]
Off Code: 73/Maureen/189.90

It was my husband's birthday on 24/11/2018 and we decided to order the special offered by Roman's Pizza on Friday night for his birthday as we had friends over on the day of his birthday.

The on line service to order is not working, the telephone just rang and we had to drive to the outlet to place our order.

Upon arrival at the outlet, the Manager, Armand was sitting in front of his computer at the ordering counter ordering stock, and only 1 agent was available to take the orders.

She attend to us, making no eye contact, did not great, and obviously was irritated and not happy to offer any service to us. We place our order and she gave us a scratch card. As we are in the "birthday mood" we hand the card to my husband to scratch as a lucky draw for his birthday. The card indicated 10%. We were still in front of the agent and ask her if it will be possible to order a garlic bread with cheese also and hand her the scratch card, which she looked at irritable and throw it down on the counter and ask us for the full amount of the garlic bread. I hand over the amount less 10% and she denied the money, and also throw the money on the counter, where after I asked her how the scratch card works and if it is valid? she did not answer me and attend to another customer (or sibling) speaking in her own language. I felt very offended by this oblivious behaviour and ask her to please attend to us and order the garlic bread and to accept my money. I also ask her not to throw ANY CLIENT's money on the counter and to be friendly and assist the customers in a good customer centric manner. When the manager hear this commotion (he was sitting approximately 1 meter from her, he said to me that he is busy with stock taking and ask me what the problem was, which I explained to him, he said he will attend to the matter and speak to her, I indicated that it is not good enough for me as it was not the 1st complaint from me about the very same agent which he did not attend to??? The other serious complaint was on 30 August 2018 when my daughter ordered a big lasagna for the children at school on her birthday. We told the agent upon ordering the lasagna (the day before her birthday) that it is her birthday and she wants to spoil the under privileged at her school with lasagna and inform her that we will make use of the birthday special (20% off your purchase). On the day of her birthday we took a copy of her ID to the very same agent which she ignored and she charge us for the full amount and throw the ID in the dustbin. I phoned the same manager on that day to complain about her and he informed me he will talk to her.

I want to make it very clear:
* I will not enter Roman's Pizza Thabazimbi again for any purchase, as now customer care whatsoever is offered,
* I will not allow such behaviour from anyone as my money is as good as the person next to me which she attended to in a friendly manner (I don't know what the difference might be for her- maybe the language...or must I take it further...the colour of my skin...?)
I will promote the bad experiences I've had with this outlet to the utmost best of my ability until this agent is removed from this outlet.

I just want to make it clear that we are staying in a little town with a small population which most of the youngster are job seekers and franchises/businesses can pick and choose people with very high qualifications to work in an outlet, as there are no other opportunities for them.

I trust this complaint will be adhered to and this franchise will be upgraded to a better standard of customer centric.


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    Order nr 73, Date: 23 Nov 2018 at 16:07, Agent-Maureen, branch- Thabazimbi
    Good day
    on Friday 23 November 2018 we went to the Thabazimbi Roman's Pizza outlet and order the special of 2 large Pizza's with free ice cream and 2l coke.

    Upon arrival the branch manager was sitting in front of the counter and was busy with his computer. One metre from him was the agent on duty (only 1 agent). She took our order and handed us a scratch card without explaining anything or talking to us...she did not even greet us upon arrival. It was my husband's birthday on Saturday and we decided to spoil him with Roman's on Friday as we had some siblings over on Saturday. We offered him the scratch card with a laugh and told the agent that it is his birthday the next day. She ignored us and talk to another client (sibling/friend) next to us. My husband scratch the card and discover he qualify for 10% on any purchase. As the agent did not explain anything to us we asked her, as we were still in front of her, if we may order a cheese garlic bread also and hand the scratch card to her and inform her of the discount on the card. She took the card and put it on her left hand side continue talking to the person next to us in another language. She hold her hand to me for the money which I gave to her (the amount of the cheese garlic bread with the 10% discount) and she informed me the money is not enough and throw my money on the counter. I calmly explained to her, and ask her to give attention to us, but she was oblivious and very irritable with us. I then said to her that I WILL NOT accept such behaviour from anyone. At this stage the manager lift his head and ask me (still in his sitting position) if he can assist as he is busy with stock taking. I explained to him the entire situation, (I can not believe he did not hear the commotion as he was 1 metre from us). I once again reminded him about a previous complaint from me and he said to me that he will talk to her. I was furious and said to him that I had enough and to talk to her will not do anything to resolve this agent's poor customer care as she is clearly not interested in assisting all cultures in the same manner, as she was friendly with the other customer that enter whilst she was busy with us, greet him in their language and assist him in his language (WHILST BUSY WITH US). He then said he will give her a written warning...what a laughing matter...what does this mean??

    I also informed him (Armand) that this was not the 1st time we experienced problems with this agent and he promised previously to deal with her. The other serious incident was on 30 August 2018 when my daughter ordered a large lasagna for the underprivileged at her school. The order was placed on 29 August 2018 as it was her birthday on 30 August. The very same agent was on duty and we inform her of my daughter's birthday and that we want to participate in the 20% discount offered by Roman's Pizza on a client's birthday. We made a copy of my daughter's ID Document on the 30th and took it to the outlet when we collect the lasagna. This agent was on duty again and we reminded her about the 20% discount. My daughter paid with her card and also hand the copy as well as her original ID Document to the agent, which she ignored totally. When we came home, we discovered the full amount was charged for the lasagna and I phoned the manager. He then said to me I must come back to the store to claim the discount (which I did not do as the fuel to the store is more than the 20% discount). The manager did not follow up with me later if I am satisfied and if this transaction was concluded correct.
    I want to make it very clear that we are residing in a very small town and most of the youngsters are job seekers with high qualifications. Franchises/companies can pick and choose the very best candidates with very high qualifications, which are too glad to just have a position and will give their everything. Why do we need to take such behaviour from ONE AGENT at a Franchise that is clearly not trained to work with all cultures and clearly don't mind customer centric at all.

    I also want to state that I will do my utmost best to make sure everyone in this town knows about this agent's continuous poor behaviour towards CERTAIN clients.

    Her oblivious, irritable behaviour towards clients is really not acceptable and we surely do not need to be assisted by someone like her.

    She will never have the opportunity to take my money again!!

    Mrs G Halgryn

Nov 25, 2018

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