Rodalethey continue to ship unordered books

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Rodale keeps sending me books that I have not ordered. I have received duplicates of many of their books and they are agressively mailing me bills for these books. I have written three times to them requesting them to stop mailing me anything but I still get books. What agency handles such unethical fraudulent business practices? Has anyone ever successfully stopped Rodale or received a credit from them?


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      Aug 30, 2019

    Same here. They are phishing if you go on to look at free articles they post on exercise or nutrition, etc, somehow Hearst Media gets enough of you information to start mailing you books and DVDs. They sent me an exercise DVD for women over 40. I did n't order it. It was something that kept popping up as I was browsing a free article about exercise routines. I kept clicking to remove the pop up, but they sent me the DVD without me even ordering it. Now I'm getting a bill from them. I filed my own complaint on the BBB and this complaint board. I won't pay the bill. Also they did not supply me with a postage paid mailer to return in their "40 days" policy

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