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C Nov 29, 2017

Good day...

Purchase Mombasa Lounge Suite
25 November 2017
Rochester Park View
Order number: 2748845

To whom it may concern
We are very displeased with the after sales treatment we received from the Parkview branch.

On Saturday 25 November 2017 we were in the market looking to purchase a lounge suite.

We had a look at different shops and ended up at Rochester Brooklyn.

The Mombasa lounge suite seemed to be the one we fancied and suited our needs.

But as they did not have one on display they told us that the Parkview branch had one, so off we went.

At the Parkview branch our sales representative was Tantenda.

As per usual...the before sales was a wonderful experience and he was very friendly and helpful.

We were going to purchase it at the Brooklyn store but then decided to rather us driving all the way back to Brooklyn we were going to purchase it at Parkview.

We placed the ordered and paid for it. And was told that it would be delivered within two days.

We arranged with Tantenda to rather do it on Tuesday 28 November 2017 as we had to arrange for someone to be home for delivery. I phoned him on Monday 27 November 2017 and indicated that i will be available to receive the lounge suite after 13h00 on Tuesday. He again confirmed that the lounge suite will be delivered on Tuesday, 28 November 2017.

On Monday night just before 20H00 a lady phoned us from a warehouse and told us that there is no way that they would be able to deliver it the following day as they have over 300 deliveries for that day and would try and deliver it on Wednesday.

We told her in that case they should cancel the order as I all ready arranged for one day leave to be home.

The following morning before 09H00 Tatenda phoned and told me that he had arranged with another contractor for the delivery and everything is as planned and they will deliver the lounge suite on the 28th of November 2017 after 13h00.

At approximately 14h30 I tried to give him a call and his cell phone was off. I phoned the branch and they told me that he had left with the guys of the delivery company to go to the warehouse to pick up our lounge suite.
I did not receive any feedback from him or the store with regards to the time that they will deliver the lounge suite. As time went by I made a couple of calls to the branch as well as to Tatenda.

Tatenda's phone was still off and the branch kept on telling me he is not yet back and is with the delivery guys and they don't have the number of the delivery company.

At 17h00 my husband phoned and they told him the same story, he then asked to speak with the manager. They told him that the manager has already left.

By that time we were tired and had enough and was not satisfied and told them to cancel the order. They told us that we need to come in to the shop to fill in a form for cancelation.

On our way we got stuck in traffic and turned around and went home. When we return home we sent Tatenda an email and told him we are not happy with the way they treated us and we are no longer interested in doing business with them. About 10min later just before 18h00 Philemon phoned us and told us that the delivery company is 5min away from us. So why suddenly now they have their phone number after telling us the whole day that they don't have any way of contacting them.

When we spoke to the guys of the delivery company they told us that they only saw Tatenda in the morning when he delivered the original delivery documents but the Parkview staff told us that he went with them to the warehouse.

This morning Tatenda phoned and told my husband that Tuesday was his day off and he only went in to arrange with the delivery company.

This whole situation could have been avoided if they just informed us what was going on and when the delivery can be expected, there was no need to give us the run-around with lame excuses.

And then the best thing of it all is the 3-seater on the left hand arm rest has small scratches. Attached please find a photo for your attention.

But we don't want to deal with the Parkview team any longer... could you please have another branch help us.?

Thank you for you assistance herein.


Carisa Greyling

Rochester Furniture
Rochester Furniture

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