Road Runner Sportsonline order and customer service

I placed an order online. In the process of doing so, I updated my shipping address from an old address I used to occupy. Upon completing the order, I got an email confirmation that contained my old address. I called the customer service line multiple times; I was either hung up on immediately or my call was never answered. I submitted online contact forms; they said they could redirect the package for a $14 fee if I provided my credit card number. I provided the number I placed the order with and they said it was incorrect, directing me to call in.

After delivery, they refused to do anything whatsoever. I guess the fact that they delivered something somewhere matters more than doing the job right.

Oh but they have physical stores! Why not just go there instead of online? Because customer service is terrible there too. I've stood around for 20-30 minutes on multiple occasions, around the store and at the register just trying to spend money, and had to walk out in frustration.

Nov 23, 2018

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