RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas / theft of $1, 630.00 from our hotel safe

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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I recently vacationed at the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas with my husband and 10 other family/friends. We stayed there from January 6th through January 13, 2017. On Sunday January 8, My husband and I left our hotel room at 2:45 P.M. to walk down the beach to meet with one of the other couples we traveled there with. Upon returning to our room (at approximately 8:30 P.M.) we found our room in disaray, With flower petals all over the floor in the living room area and around the bed. It looked as though somebody threw confetti in the air. We opened the closet door only to find our safe had been broken into and was wide open. A total of $1, 630.00 was taken. Management was called and quickly arrived at the door. We were told by Jorge Ramirez that both the maid and the boy who stocks the mini fridge were in our room while we were gone. When we asked Jorge why the room was left in such disarray and he too saw what it looked like he said "the maid was in a hurry to leave but she apologizes). Are you kidding me? The manager said nothing about the mess.
I guess I would be in a hurry to leave after I robbed somebody too! Are you kidding me? Not only did one of your employees steal from me, but also from the other employees as I was unable to tip bartenders, maids, and wait staff the rest of my stay. We were with a party of 12 people and had 6 rooms between us. The other 5 couples also had their in room safes comprimised as well, with someone attempting to change the key pad to code to try and break in. Management was called to each one of the rooms during our stay. As a business owner, my husband and I travel often, deal with a lot of travel agencies and I write reviews for many magazines such as The Traveler and Conde Nast. We never received a penny from the hotel (and I know you have insurance for this) or comped for this terrible experience. YOU can either reimburse us for our loss or I can write reviews that are not going to be so profitable for your chain of hotels, if people hear you have an inside ring of thieves stealing from the tourists.
I would like to have a reply from you regarding this matter along with a refund .
Thank you
Julie Bauch
222 Rockton Rd. Roscoe, IL. USA

Feb 1, 2017

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