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RIU Hotels & Resorts / service provided by manager “borgias”

1 Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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We arrived at the airport in Costa Rica from Toronto on December 23/2017. Our flight was delayed due to a snowstorm in Toronto. We boarded a bus that took us to our destination, The RIU Guanacaste. We were told by the bus tour guide that the restaurants would be open until 10pm and the hotel would express check us in so that we could eat. The 4 of us were very hungry. We were on the first bus that arrived at the hotel front desk to check in at 9:37pm. We were upruptly told that the restaurants all closed at 9:30 but we're told "that there would be some food in The Sports Bar that had been set up for all of us s they were aware that we were arriving late." They provided stickers to place on our luggage and were told to do so and then go and eat as someone would bring our suitcases to our respective rooms. We proceeded to do so and went within minutes to the "Sports Bar". By this time a second large tour bus had arrived. There were a minimum of 100 people (conservative estimate) all congregated in this Sports Bar trying to get into one refrigerator with glass sliding doors. I observed that there were clear plastic containers that I later identified as containing cold hotdogs on a bun or a cold burrito. Many of the containers were opened and the food had been touched as people were trying to see if each container contained something other than a hotdog or burrito. There was a tray on the bottom of the refrigerator that had a few pieces of cut up fruit that was sitting in the fruit juice. I refused to eat any of it as it had been picked over and touched by many different hands at this point. My boyfriend took a bite of the burrito and proclaimed that it was absolutely disgusting and discarded it immediately. His two sons tried to get some food but all that was left at that point once the crowd moved so that they could get into the refrigerator, was 3 pieces of damaged fruit. We all went to bed hungry. In the morning my husband went to brush his teeth and immediately observed that his toothbrush, that was laying beside the sink, was covered in dozens of tiny little ants. These ants were also all over the nozel of my face cream that I had left on the counter. There were hundreds of tiny ants all over and in the sinks. We immediately called the front desk and asked for someone to come. We waited over 2 hours. No one came. My husband went to find someone. He returned to the room with a manager that he said was "the manager of the bar area". This man stood and looked at me as I attempted to convey our concerns. He did not go into the bathroom to look at the ants/bugs. He then left. I called the front desk AGAIN but the woman that answered barely spoke English and she did not understand what I was saying. Both myself and my husband went down to the front desk and asked to speak to a manager. I was clearly very upset. The Manager, made known to me later at "Borgias" (dark hair, approximately 6'4", slim build) approached us. He shook my husbands hand but I refused and told him that I do not shake hands due to health reasons. He was not pleased with this and his entire attitude changed because I wouldn't shake his hand. I knew at that point that he was not going to help us. He rolled his eyes and rudely asked, "Okay, what is your problem?" He was NOT wearing a name tag. I had to ask him his name later to which I was told "I am not afraid to tell you my name." We proceeded to articulate our unhappiness with how we had been treated thus far, the lack of food and not being able to eat in a restaurant upon arrival when we were told that the restaurants would be open until 10pm and we clearly arrived before 10pm. Borgias was very rude and condescending. He stated, "I don't know who told you the restaurants would be open until 10. They close at 9pm. We knew that your plane would be late so we had plenty of sandwiches set up in a cooler for you and we restocked the cooler at least 3 times." I told him that I found that hard to believe as there was barely nothing but a few opened containers of cold hotdogs and burritos that had been picked over and a very long line of people to get to a microwave to heat them up. I also told him that we were on the first bus that arrived so there was no way that we had arrived last by any means. I then proceeded to tell him that our room was infested with ants and that we had asked for a manager to come and see how they were all over my husband's toothbrush and the sink area. Borgias did not care. He stated very rudely, "I don't need to see a bunch of bugs" He told us to "take it up with our Rep back in Canada." I bluntly asked how our Rep in Canada was going to deal with the downfalls of the hotel that he was responsible for. He then asked what we wanted. I stated that I wanted to be moved to another room. My husband had asked when we first arrived if we could pay to upgrade to a jacuzzi suite and were told that there were none available. I told Borgias that I wanted to be moved to a room that didn't have bugs. We were moved from a room in the front of the hotel on the bottom floor (#105) to a room in the back of the hotel (#2001) that had the worst view possible. It is my belief that Borgias did this to us to punish me for not shaking his hand and for complaining. At no time did Borgias apologize for any of the problems. He did purchase a new toothbrush for my husband but never apologized for anything. Borgias could not have been more rude, smug or condescending. We went to our new room (#2001) and I proceeded to lay down in the bed because I was so upset at how our vacation was turning out and a large roach/insect jumped onto me. I immediately swatted it onto the floor and observed 2 more on the bed! My husband went down to the front desk to get assistance. He pleaded to be able to upgrade rooms in order to make me happy as I was so sad and he left me crying in the room as this was Christmas Day!!The lady at the front desk told him that there was 10 jacuzzi rooms available but that she would need authorization from a manager to upgrade. She radioed Borgias who arrived and told my husband after speaking with the woman in Spanish, that there was NOT any jacuzzi rooms available but he would move us to another room. My husband returned and told me that we would be moving yet again. I showed him another large bug found in the bed. We packed and a very nice man from the concierge helped us move our luggage to our third room (#3077). I was so upset at everything that had transpired thus far that I did not even go for dinner as I had lost my appetite. My husband later brought me a plate of food. I then went to brush my teeth and observed that the bathroom sink would not drain. And the toilet was not flushing properly. The next morning I went to flush the toilet and it wouldn't flush at all and was about to overflow. I took a shower and there was barely any water pressure. I called the front desk and was told someone would be there in 15 minutes. That was at 10am. At 10:37 no one had arrived. Our safe wouldn't lock or the door stay closed at all. I couldn't leave the room to go and eat unless I carried all of my valuables (passports, jewelry) with us. We went down to the front desk and told them all of the problems. My husband asked again if he could pay to upgrade to a jacuzzi suite just to try to make me happy and salvage our vacation. We were told that only a manager could authorize that. She went to radio Borgias and I know that would be to no avail I'm getting any assistance from him. We told her to nevermind. They sent workman up and I sat and waited while they attempted to fix the plumbing issues and replace the door to ththe safe. Finally after over an hour and a half, we left once the safe was functioning properly and we could leave our valuables in it. The workers were still attempting to get the one sink to drain and the smell emanating from the bathroom due to the pipes being opened was absolutely horrible. We then went down to the buffet restaurant and as soon as I walked in I ran directly into Borgias. He just looked at me. I was the one that said "Hello." He then said hello back but quickly walked away. I would've expected him to extend ANY kind of apology, but none was forthcoming.

I am beyond disappointed and disgusted at how we have been treated by this man. He has all of the power to make things right. And he failed. We spent over $12, 000 for the 4 of us to enjoy a holiday in what was expected to be a 5 star resort with exceptional service. I have been left with nothing but the worst feeling and experience possible. I will never return to a RIU resort EVER again. We didn't even receive an apology!! My husband received a new toothbrush. I threw away my expensive face cream that was covered in ants (the nozzle) but didn't bother bringing this to the attention of Borgias as I knew what his response would be - Nothing - or he would tell me to contact "my rep" in Canada. This entire experience has been horrible. From the moment that we arrived the lack of care or concern for our late arrival and having absolutely garbage food available (barely any at that) set the tone for how our vacation would be. I'm now determined to write negative reviews on any and all sites possible so that I can hopefully prevent others from wasting their hard earned money at a RIU that obviously does not care once they have your money. And as far as the Manager "Borgias" is concerned, he needs to be retrained in his customer service skills and learn how to at least extend an apology and take responsibility for the downfalls of the hotel that he is clearly representing.

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RIU Hotels & Resorts
RIU Hotels & Resorts
RIU Hotels & Resorts

Dec 27, 2017

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