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This evening about 7:00p.m. I unwillingly went to RiteAid to make a purchase. Of course there were no visible personnel to help me find one of the items. Finally, I found the item and proceeded to the cashier area to find that there were nine (9) customers in front of me and one (1) cashier. I always avoid the store located at the corner of Halsey Street and Broadway in Brooklyn, New York. Customers were complaining and the cashier was doing her best along with calling two individuals to come to the cashier area immediately. Three individuals eventually slowly made their way behind the counter but stood around talking and laughing. One of the individuals who opened a station, I recognized, he had no ID, so therefore when I was trying to find a purchase I did not ask him to help me. There is no explanation why a cashier should have to continue calling for help to service customers. It was counter-productive, for one, she had to walk across two stations to get to the PA system and then back to the cash register. This is the only RiteAid I've seen operate in this manner. This incident encourages me to make every effort to avoid RiteAid.


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