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Rite Aid Pharmacy / a very unpleasant experiance

1 United States

I've been a loyal customer of Rite Aid, but I had a very unpleasant experience with one of your stores today, which makes me feel offended and insulted.

Today I went to Rite Aid store# 6233, 776 Market Street San Francisco to retune a merchandiser. With no greeting, this lady asked me "why you took so long" in a very unfriendly way. I told her this was purchased on 7/11 and today is 8/2. It's in 30 days and this merchandiser is unused. I was asked why I wanted to return it and I told her I didn't like the flavor. She went to check if this was a rebate item for about 5 minutes and came back confirming it was not. And then she claimed that I wanted to return it because I took the wrong rebate item. She also indicated that I was not being "honest", in a very offensive way. I asked what her name and her work ID but she refused to gave that to me. She also looked at my receipt and read out loud my name to the other 2 cashiers and asked them to "remember my name". So I told her I would like to complain to the store manager and she gave me the "go ahead there's nothing you can do" gesture. On the way out, I asked the security who the manager was and he said that lady was the manager (supervisor).

As a consumer, I have my right to return any merchandiser based on your return policy. I do not mind being questioned but I believe everybody would prefer in a friendly way. Your company claimed Rite Aid is a place where customers are treated with respect and they feel appreciated and welcome. However, I didn't feel respected by being called "not honest" and with my name read out loud. This is very unprofessional.

This lady refused to give me her name and work ID. She was about 5'6"-5'7" tall, mid 40's, Spanish looking.

I'd like to hear what Rite Aid would like to treat their customers with respect. I was insulted and offended today and it definitely affect my future purchasing at Rite Aid.


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