Rite Aid / cost of prescriptions

Huntsville, AL, United States

I picked up a prescription yesterday from Rite Aid, it was blood pressure med's. The cost of $82 for a month's supply. I checked with Costco the same medication for one month is only $11, $19 for a three month supply.
$71 more! Can someone please explain to me why the major difference? I urge everyone to stop using Rite Aid due to the jacked up prices and let's include Walgreens in this complaint as well. COSTCO is way less expensive than either one.
Costco Pharmacy also offers a discount to all members. They will fill prescriptions for non-members as well. The $11 is a non-member price!!!
There is no way anyone can convenience me that there is that much of price difference between pharmaceutical companies. They charged me $2.73 per pill and Costco, $0.37. Something is terribly wrong.
Lower and Middle Class America'n's simply cannot afford the prices Rite Aid Pharmacies are charging. I can assure you I will never do business with Rite Aid again. I pray more people will do the same. If enough people stop doing business there maybe they will have to drop the prices so the everyday, average person can afford their medication.

May 14, 2015

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