RHB Bank Malaysia Berhadpoor customer service

Extremely frustrating and lousy customer service by burhan staff id : c00287.

I was calling rhb on monday to check on my settlement figure for my credit card no. [protected], yati was the customer service promised she will get someone to call me back to confirm the final settlement figure because she said there is a rebate.
But until today no one seems to be interested to call me for the settlement figure, so i have no choice to call rhb at 03-[protected] again, unfortunately i was attended by a guy called burhan and the figure he gave me is more than the figure given by yati on monday and i have asked him why, he straight away & very rude and said if i want lesser amount i can go to akpk, excuses me, can i know what has happened? I would like to settle my account and i am not asking for financial help. The behavior of mr burhan is very bad and he should knows that his duty is to serve the customers on their queries, if he don't like his job and he is not willing to do all this, he can choose to quick and not to stay on to receive "gaji buta".

May 16, 2017

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