Rent-A-Center / tv and king size bed frame/, and harassment over late payment call work number everyday

I been a customer of rent - a - center since January of 2016. My first complaint is they are charging me full price for damaged tv as if was new. I complained about it and they took the TV away and returned it the same way. Stating that it came like that from the factory and nothing can be done about it. The screen has a scratch or scuff on it. None the less they continued to charge me as if it was new (un damaged) merchandise. The kingsize bed frame and mattress I realized I'm being charged almost the same price as if I would've purchased the whole 7 piece bedroom set. I would like to note it was pretty beat up when I got it. But I needed a bed and figured it would be cheaper. I fell behind on my payments and was harrassesd none stop everyday. I was out on workers comp and couldn't make payments since June. But I managed anyhow up until September. They called my work number after me requesting them to stop because its a company phone. Also I wasn't properly informed about the contract terms before signing by the manager. And was mislead because he told me ill be paying about 3000 for a 2000 dollar TV. But I realized it was more like 4200. Also I was never made aware of a so called arbitration agreement that came with the contract. Come to find out
the manager had no idea what I was talking about. They was very misleading when it came to get me to sign the contract and harassed me and told ppl about me falling behind on payments for me to contact them.

Nov 23, 2017

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