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Rent a Center / negative alert

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Stupid me... Yeah... After shopping around online for a box spring and mattress, I found I could buy a brand new one from rent-a-center fairly cheap and on a 90 day same as cash... So why not? I paid the first payment, then the second one by mail (Got a call from them the day it was due to ask me when I was coming in even though I had already mailed it two days earlier. So I paid the third and final payment in person, dropping off a check...

So ok, I have my new bed, it's paid for right? Wrong!!! Two weeks go by and I get a call from who else, rent-a-center... And i'm told they don't take checks. You see, they still never deposited my check. Well, it pissed me off, especially calling me at work, when, I had specifically told them never to call me at work when I signed the paperwork. It's against' the law after you inform them of that. So yeah, I procrastinated and thought about if I should even go in to take them cash. But then, oh yeah, the calls started, once a day, twice... At home and at work as well. The more they called the more I began standing on principal and determined not to give in. After all, they had my check, I paid them!! And I had paid them 5 days before it was due... So it wasn't my problem they now didn't want to accept a check. Right? If they would have deposited it or presented it for payment at my bank... That would have been different, but they never did. Now, three weeks go by from march 1st to march 27th, and hey, several phone calls to work, me calling them and now yelling at them not to call me at work, and guess what, in walk not one but two of their salespeople, check in hand, demanding, I cash it right there and then. Yeah, I am suppose to hand them cash... Yeah right!!! They toss the check at me... I escort them outside and inform them it is against the law to harass a person at their place of work to collect a debt, and that I have already called my attorney... So they now leave... Threatening to talk to their own attorney. Now, mind you, I have paid two of three payments, on time and early, and paid the third payment 5 days early, but they won't accept my check and didn't notify me of that until two weeks after giving it to them. Now they leave and yeah, leave me with the check, dated all the way back march 1st, never having been presented to my bank at all!!! So what to do? I'm going to get a cashiers check, state on it that it is the replacement check for a refused check and send it by registered mail to rent-a-center along with filing a complaint with the better business bureau and well, yeah, writing out the story online for all to see. By the way... All of these concerns a simple small check in the amount of $116.22. Go figure. But it is the principle of the matter... Isn't it? Somebody should tell rent-a-center that maybe why they are having problems is that they don't understand that some people have two and three jobs and can't just drop everything to make a second trip from morton to peoria just to hand them cash back instead of them simply depositing the check in the first place! You know... Crap happens in life, and sometimes, checks are bad... I get that, but when a business doesn't even bother to make a deposit... Why stay in business..., because I gave them a good check and I never had given them a bad one. Or is this business simply only taking in cash and may not even have a bank account so they can dodge taxes? Interesting question isn't it... Oh by the way, that new box spring and mattress I bought from them... No way it was new! So yeah... Stupid me... So does anyone want any of these bed bugs?

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  • So
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    If the matress actually had bed bugs you would have returned it the first a matter of priciple... lol...funny did have it right though...stupid YOU.

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