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Remax Condo Plus has the worst agents. I was trying to find a new home in Toronto, I just moved into the country so was not very familiar with real estate agencies. I found Remax Condo Plus online, and figured it was pretty big company here in Toronto. I found some apartment listings online and rang up the Remax Condo Plus’s agent, none of them replied any phone calls or emails. One agent, Marc Neim, called back one and a half week later, and promised to keep in touch with more information about the places that I was interested. Though, he did nothing to follow up, I tried calling him and left messages. It was another week later that he called back, it was extremely difficult to schedule a house viewing with him. He is extremely unapproachable, refused to work outside office hours and was rude on email. I work Monday to Friday, 9-5, it was difficult to schedule a meeting on weekday as he consistently insisted. He finally agreed to meet on weekend, however canceled the appointment a day before. Thanks to that, I met another agent from a different company, she is definitely a professional. Marc made everything difficult for client, I never thought searching for places would be that hard. As a real estate agent/broker, his rude, unapproachable, and unorganized behavior is very unprofessional. I’m not sure whether I was just unlucky to meet him, or if the Remax Condo Plus does not have very helpful agents, either way I would not recommend this company. There are many other real estates agency that is far more professional and helpful in stressful situation like this in Toronto.

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  • Ou
      Aug 03, 2011

    Real Estate agents in Toronto do not give a crap about the buyer.

    They list over 50 listings and can't keep up. They never call back. and when they do, they are short and rude.

    Toronto Agents needs to grow up and care about selling a home/condo with pride. To help the buyer find or cater to what their needs are.

    Another agent in Toronto, who spammmmmmms all Blogs or Boards, posts all over in the wrong area is Elizabeth Goulart ... she is insane!
    She cares for no one but herself, posts over 100 ads everywhere, all the same, lying about a condo units sq foot and then makes like it was a mistake. OH REALLY? all you ads

    I feel for YOU. I would hate to buy in Toronto unless I was referred by a good friend.

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  • Sa
      Aug 20, 2016

    E.G IS insane, selfish, offensively rude and dishonest. She won't work for 1% as she claims on her site, and most of the listings on her site are not hers. She was trying to coerce us into selling our condo for under market value just for a fast deal, a fast deal for herself that is. I'm glad we dumped her and went with a reputable agent.

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