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I posted the following complaint on Yelp (link above). I also filled out a customer survey and complained there:
"I'm still steamed about attending a movie last night (6/24/17) with my wife, and being overtly solicited for donations to a charity in partnership with Regal Cinemas, in between the coming attractions and the feature movie! After the 'coming attraction' previews were over, the lights came back on, and two, young theater attendants appeared at the front of the auditorium and explained that they were looking for donations, completely optional, for a charity, and further explained what the charity was and how worthy it was. Then they passed around open popcorn buckets for the captive audience to drop spare cash into!

What the heck??? It's one thing being approached in public spaces, like sidewalks in front of stores, inside malls or inside airports, but now, while we're sitting captive, waiting to see a movie?? NO WAY!! Absolutely NOT!! I was stunned by the brazenness of it. What made them think this was OK? After the movie, my wife agreed with me that we should say something to the theater managers on the premises. We did, openly in the front lobby. The two managers were surprised and visibly taken aback at our reaction, and apologized for any offense taken by us and said they would pass along our opinion to upper management, but they still defended what was done. They welcomed us to complain to the company further online, which I did in their customer satisfaction survey.

This is an unacceptable practice for a movie theater. If we are at home, we can elect to mute the message, change channels or turn off the TV. We don't go out to the movies to be preached to, or solicited for donations, regardless of the merits of the charity! And to pass buckets, like they do at places of worship on Sunday??? Outrageous. Unconscionable. We are Regal Rewards members. We go often, though not to this particular location. If this happens again, we will object openly in the auditorium, walk out of the movie, complain to on-site managers again, ask for a full refund, and likely stop going to Regal Theaters!!

I strongly encourage everyone out there who reads this to do the same. It's enough that we have to tolerate twenty minutes of commercials along with 20 minutes of trailers. Speak up! There is no reason we should now accept being solicited to in a theater."

Jun 25, 2017

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