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The people working at the concession, namely one girl is what this report is about. I went to a movie abotu a week ago...and the girl at the food counter, took my order. The next day, I went back, and when I went to get a snack, she rudely said "Diet Coke No Ice" or whatever my order was...but it wasn't in a friendly way as to say...hey I remember you from yesterday it was more like...ugh you again and Heres your order...with a bad attitude...that was really annoying as I was on a date, and didnt want the person to know my personal business. About a week later, I went back to the I was waiting in line, the girl said...oh THAT girl will take your order. Lo and behold, it happened to be the same brunette B* who upon me walking up to her just basically yelled out my order to me again in a rude way ...she said "you still want a diet coke and small popcorn"...excuse me?? she had no right sayign that to made me look as if I went there all the time...and I had only dealt with her three times then...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FLI didnt even want the popcorn but out of embarrassment just said was just awkward and so wrong...and her attitude is not that of...hey welcome back I remmber you it's more like...hey i want to just piss on you as you come to the concession stand evertytime...I highly doubt they remember everyone's order and will blurt orders out like that...also it's very rude to say to someone as you dont know who the person is with...and its just getting into their business...I immediately went back and told the girl hey...u need to stop saying my order as I walk up...that is really wrong...and she was like "ohh well I just say that to everyone I remember" and apologized sort of...but that was jst not the case...she was just being an arrogant b* who felt like she could treat someone in this derogatory way... I know that if I worked somewhere...I would never just blurt things out as people walk up...let them place their order...thats being professional...a lot of women tend to do that just to be nasty to other women...or who knows what...this stupid treatment really has got to stop...

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  • Mu
      Jul 12, 2010

    Wow, you're a real ###. I work at a movie theatre and we get regulars all the time. They usually love the fact that we recognize them and regard our knowing what they like as a sign of friendliness and welcome. But then again, our regulars aren't ignorant ###s.

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