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I placed two Orders with rediff shopping [protected] and [protected] for flowers delivery amounting to Rs. 720. I ordered in the evening and it was clearly mentioned that the Orders will be delivered by Next day (Mothers Day). Next day around 3:00 pm I called rediff to enquire about my Order as i didnt received any call from my mother. To my horror rediff customer executive told me your order is not yet been approved by our internal team. I was shocked to hear such an excuse (amount was already deducted and I got an sms from my bank). They mentioned we will deliver the order after its approved. Whats the point of delivering the flowers if its not done on the required date. No communication was made by rediff to inform customer if there will be a delay. Anyways, after lot of arguement i asked them to cancel my Orders. I then placed the Order through another site which made the delivery within 2 hrs. Now, am honest company after cancelling the Order should have start the process of returning customer money. Instead they send the flowers next day (see the cheaters, even after Order cancellation!! ) which my mother returned and my mother in law accpeted the other order as she was not aware. Now today when I check the details for the refund they are marked as delivered. What a cheat company that first dont deliver order on time and then even after cancellation send it for delivery. One of which was returned and other is lying in house and they can take it back. I expect my money to be refunded back to me immediately!!!

May 28, 2015
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      3rd of Jun, 2015

    Dear RA_2,

    Order are processed for dispatched post approval only hence as the orders are attempted and delivered we would not be able to assist you.

    Rediff Shopping
    Online Customer Service Team
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