Red Roof Inns / hotel room bug infestation conf#: [protected]

Burlington, CO, United States

Dear Owner,

Conf #: [protected] Purchased 2 nights checked in Oct 19 however we checked out Oct 20 due to infestation of cockroaches and other bugs.

I attempted to send an email yesterday but apparently had to many pictures attached and it did not send. See video at the bottom.

We had planned on staying at your hotel for 2 nights as we were in need of rest. We checked in very late Friday night and slept in til late.

When I got up I say several signs around the room that made me feel it had not been cleaned very well or at least the floor swept.

Then when I saw a live cockroach crawling on the wall I knew the room had not been recently exterminated. I killed it flushed it and tried to forget. Then as I walked out of the bathroom saw a larger cockroach, and over by the desk/lamp table saw another live one that was smaller than the one near the bathroom.

As my husband was shaving there was a very small one crawling on the bathroom floor. There were at least 4 different sizes of cockroaches in our room not to mention spiders. I have multiple photos that are date and Town stamped.

We could not stay the second night after seeing all of those live filthy cockroaches in our room.

I am requesting a full refund for our stay. I have stayed in many Red Roof hotels and have never stayed on one in such poor condition.

Patricia Lesofski

Red Roof Inns
Red Roof Inns
Red Roof Inns
Red Roof Inns
Red Roof Inns

Oct 22, 2018

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