Red Roof Inn / room customer service

I checked in yesterday in Atlanta Georgia and Smyrna at the Red Roof Inn I came in once I check then I came in late down got up to use the bathroom the toilet would not work and the TV was not working as well it keeps going in and out so I called the lady yesterday the front desk and explain the situation and I told her I'm assuming she must have forgot because I know she said she was tired when I spoke to her when I was upfront checking in so I called the 2nd shift afterwards and I told them I was going on the guy told me to come down I am falling asleep and then why I'm he won't switch the room like you said he was going to do I might have not been able to use the bathroom since I've been in this room and my TV is not working and I just have a feeling that no one's going to help me with this situation and I pay for this room and I can't use the bathroom and I cannot watch TV and I need someone to please get ahold of me an emergency

Nov 14, 2017

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