Red Lobster / service

Fayetteville, NC, United States

We went to the Red Lobster located in Fayetteville, NC on 6/25/2017 and although we did not have to wait long before being seated after our waitress came and took our order and brought us back our drinks and bread we didn't see her again for at least 30 minutes in which my husband and I did not receive our meals while the other couple sitting at our table did and was almost finished with their meals. We had to stop another server 2 times to tell her that we did not receive our meals. When she finally brought our meals to us my salmon was burned on top and cold and my husbands chicken wings were also cold and looked like it was thrown on the plate. He did not get the side of Fries and nor did I receive my bake potato. Finally our server came and acted like she was not the one to blame for this misunderstanding but the other people (cook and server)and also that she wasn't aware that we did not receive our meal (well if you would have checked on us maybe you would have known). After another 15 minutes the manager came and apologized and said he would make sure we received another meal. Twenty minutes after that we left the restaurant without any food served to us and the waitress apologizing. This has been the worst restaurant that I've attended although I've eaten at plenty of Red Lobsters. All around the restaurants customers were complaining of the service. I think it's time for new management. Your staff is only a reflection of you.

Jun 25, 2017

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