Red Lobster Hospitalityhair in my food

A Nov 28, 2017

Last night I had the worst experience dining at your neighborhood location in Meridian MS. Me and some friends drove 35 miles for a birthday dinner. We arrived at the restaurant, was seated immediately and I ordered the full course feast deal that had different sides and a main entree and dessert. I received my food, the soup was cold and the salad had lettuce that was withering and old, but I attempted to not complain due to the fact I felt the main entree would be enough to suffice for my dinner. I received my entree which was shrimp linguini and maybe ate about 3 forks out of it and saw a piece of hair in my sauce. This is the 2nd time in a year I've found hair in my food but the first time I decided to just let it go after the manager was understanding and nice. However, the waitress was called over and took my plate, returned later to ask me did I want another plate made. I responded and told her that I didn't want the pasta ever again due to that same issues twice already. The manager never came over and spoke to me, and the restaurant wasn't busy so she wasn't concerned about a customer who spends their money, and she still didn't come talk to me until I got my ticket and the waitress had charged me for the full dinner. After the manager decided to come check, she explained that since I ate some of my food, she only could discount me $4.00. I tried to explain that the food wasn't worth it and I only complained after I found the hair in my main entree. I figured if the main entree was food, I wouldn't ever complain about a few sides. I told her the salad had bad lettuce and the soup was cold. She did not care, she said she did what she could do. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the service I received from the restaurant. I would rather drive 72 miles to another location than visit that one again. I wish the manager cared more but she did not. I paid for my food and left and I told the waitress this was the last time I would be spending my money at their restaurant.

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