Red Deer Mitsubishifalsifing work orders then not performing the work

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I had an oil changed performed on my truck at the Mitsubishi dealer. couple of weeks later i checked my air filter and the cone was smashed so i went back to them to show them what had happened. They told me it was not there problem and that they didn't do it and that they were not responsible. On the work order for this oil change it had a 25 point inspection this mean they would have check the air filter, which either they did and dint care, dropped it and put it back in, or just didn't do it . Half way throw the conversation the the services manager walks away from me Ed Dulker unexceptable management and service work i do not recommend that anyone use this dealer for the chance that you would be dealing with this level of garbage.


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      Feb 16, 2010

    Your complaint about the service performed by Red Deer Mitsubishi leaves out several key points that would shed some light on the criticism you’ve outlined. First it’s important to note your service was a free oil change provided for a coupon available in a local coupon book. The dealership has performed over 130 of these free oil changes as well as hundreds of paid services and yours is the only grievance reported. You also described that a couple weeks later you checked your air filter. This is an inaccurate account as the inspection was performed by another facility and reported to you. The timing is also inaccurate – it was over three weeks and it is also important to mention that the vehicle had travelled over 5000 km since it was at Red Deer Mitsubishi. A more responsible description would have included this information as to include the possibility the other facility damaged the filter, or any other number of things could have happened using the vehicle that much. Your description of the damage to the air filter being smashed is excessive as the end cone on the case was cracked however all of the pieces of the case were intact with the filter. Your report that the dealership did not take responsibility is also vague. You failed to mention that when you were asked what you would like the dealership to do to appease the situation, your expectation was a free air filter, as well as a written warranty covering your vehicles engine for failure for the next 3 years. Since the circumstances left the damage of the air filter inconclusive and the vehicle is a 2003 Ford Truck with over 50000 km, the dealership declined this request. Finally, your report that the Service Manager walked away from you during the conversation is also incomplete. You failed to acknowledge your aggressive demeanor as well as the expletive comments you were making. You were asked to conduct the conversation in a professional manner and if you insisted on using profanity the conversation would cease. You continued to swear and as a result the Service Manager advised you the conversation was over and did in fact go back into the building. Absolutely no employee of any business should be subject to verbal abuse under any circumstances. If you take the time to document a more accurate account of a complaint, you may realize the true source of the problem.

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      May 27, 2011

    I have to say, your complaint makes absolutely no logical sense. Your premise is one of three scenarios... either they didn't check it, checked and didn't care, or broke it. Let me explain to you the concept of commerce. A car dealership like any other business is in the business of making money. That having been said, how does any of your scenarios help the dealership? They didn't check it ... no opportunity to upsell you on a new filter. They didn't check it ... no opportunity to sell you a new fuel filter. They checked and didn't care ... no opportunity to sell you a new filter plus possible liability. Sounds to me like your just one of the many people in the world who believes they should get something for nothing.

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      Aug 26, 2011

    I seem to deal with customers like this at least once a week, they are always the ones that think their problems are more important than anyone else's. so we try to help them as much as we can, and are rewarded with comments like these where the only facts presented are the distorted ones that they try to use to bend the truth to their advantage !
    I imagine if the dealership had replaced the filter then this guy would have threw a fit and accused the dealer of ripping him off by selling him a filter that wasn't needed .
    I wish these cheating, lying, complaining ### would just find a dark hole to go die in !

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      Jan 04, 2013
    Riverside Mitsubishi - Ignore me now
    Riverside Mitsubishi
    United States

    Bought a car for $13000 from Riverside Mitsubishi and then found out it was a totaled vehicle and the insurance company declared it a total loss. Car is now only worth 2500. I have tried contacting them numerous times to only be ignored.

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      Jun 02, 2013

    So its nice that employees of the Dealership can respond with nothing but good to say. Let's say they did damage it, Let's say they didn't. Let's talk about the standard oil change by regular lube places. The standard is LUBE OIL FILTER. I recently took my outlander in for an oil change to RED DEER MITSUBISHI. When I got home, I always check under the hood. Here's what I found... The air filter underneath the hood was just about clogged solid. The cabin air filter was completely plugged solid. The oil was changed and was to the line. I took the vehicle back and showed them the air filters. They didn't know what to say. They give me new ones to replace the clogged one to which I changed myself. *Note* When the oil change was done the mechanic stated that he checked all the fluids and filters. I always double check myself due to past experiences at lube places. I agree with RobHonkey, they probably did damage the filter and didn't say anything. The disturbing factor was the time period before he checked it himself. Also if emotions were displayed during their conversation, Well that wouldn't do any good. However with the kids, and I stress Kids, doing most of the services these days and their work not being checked by anybody else what else can you expect????

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      Jul 05, 2013

    please be aware about the sleazy salesmen and all the management staff at Red Deer Mitsubishi
    1.They don't put sticker price on all of their used cars so they can throw whatever number after they
    assessed your trade in vehicle.
    2.Even if you ask for a Carproof or Carfax they wont show it to you unless you demand for it upfront.
    3.They wont let you out the door without signing the contract not even knowing your signing your life already.
    4.I like Mitsubishi products but this specific Dealership is making a BAD reputation for Mitsubishi.
    5.They will discourage you to buy A Brand New Car cause they can't mark them up unlike the Used Car
    where they make tons of CASH.
    6.They were asking for a DEPOSIT to hold the car and they wont refund your money even if its not your fault.

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  • I can see Red Deer Mitsubishi acting in the exact demeaner as the complaintif says. I had work done at their dealership. When I went to pick up my car the parts that were supposed to be installed were installed completely against Mitsubishi product recommendations. I confronted the service manager and she bluntly told me to my face the product was installed correctly. I asked her to bring out the installation instructions and behold she lied to me. When removing the incorrectly installed parts all around my brand new car doors waere scratched. I'm still waiting to hear back from them about their course of action. 3 weeks later...

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      Jul 24, 2014

    Red Deer Mitsubishi are crooks and need to be shut down by BBB or AMVIC once a for sll

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      Sep 23, 2015

    Red Deer Mitsubishi is at it again. Chad show your face you coward... I cant believe a dealership gets away with this on what seems to be a daily basis. My son whom recently visited their establishment, was wanting to purchase a used car from them. So he was approved right away with funding from TD auto. (As he was told). After a week of continuously stopping by after work to get his new car, He was told by red deer Mitsubishi that his funding was rejected due to finance company wanting to see a year at his job. They then told him all they could get him approved on was a 08 Toyota Tercel with hail damage front to back. The sales was very persistant in telling him that in 8 months he could simply bring the car back and buy new at a lower interest rate. My son asked the sales several times if there was something better that would suit him better. He was told that this was him only option. He signed the deal... After he got away from the dealership, he began to think what he had done. He called me for advice. I came to the dealership to examine the car. I started laughing a little as the car was to small to fit my son. (6'1 280lb). It was also covered from hail dents front to back. (I'm not exadurating it was bad). I advised him not to take possession of the car. He advised RD MITS that he was in fact not buying the car and wanted his deposit back. They informed him that he signed on the dotted line therefore making it binding. We are still in dispute. Really Red Deer Mitsubishi???? You would think that you would not want another complaint with amvic, or the BBB. The whole deal sounds like a bait and trap con to me...

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      Feb 23, 2018

    I know how I feel is not respectful to what I have to state. In March of this year, (2017) my husband & I decided we would purchase our last vehicle before retiring. I am 64 and my husband is 68, this auto was to carry us on planned road trips and into our later years. We planned to purchase it and pay it off my Jan of 2018 (saving the funds) While at work 2 weeks ago my husband received 3 phone calls from Joel our salesperson stating that Mike should come on to refinance at a better rate than what we had with our bank, from a (5.28%) to a (1.99%). So Mike on his first day back went out to see Joel and the floor manager at Red Deer Mitsubishi. From the minute we drove up on the lot things spiraled downward. I told Mike to show me the paper work as he went through the motions of a new interest rate. Mike and I were told he had already been approved for a better rate with the Bank of Nova Scotia. In finance Mike was offered a new car and we were to turn our car in as a trade (the first Outlander for a new Outlander ...both autos were 2017. Not any different other than a brown for a blue. Mike was asked to sign off on the new one and give them a check for $2000.00 as a down payment, I was in the car in the parking lot. I told Mike to send this lady who he was dealing with at this point out to speak to me, I could not get out of the car as I am down with a auto immune problem with my joints. I told Leanne from finance that we did not have another two grand to pay and why would we when we had given a $3500.00 down for the first car. She said it was a ten year protection plan, I told her all we needed was the basic program that we had when buying the car (first one and now second one) five years protection that they came with was enough, she said she had already written it up and would now have to redo the paper work and get Mike to sign off on it, he was the person on the loan. Mike had given all in Mitsubishi permission to speak to me as the process took place. So I assumed it would be smoothly taken care
    by everyone (from the salesman Joel to the finance person Leanne. It was not and we have not received one once of help to in trying to treat us like buye

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      Feb 06, 2019

    Red deer Mitsubishi is a joke!!!
    They say all deposits are refundable until it comes down to it!
    Ive been asking
    For my $1000 deposit back since beginning of January! With little To know reply, weeks of me calling! Being lied to about whom I speaking with thinking Dylan and Richard are the GM ... When its a guy named Chad.
    Finally I get an answer saying no you wont get your deposit back, its been to long
    Uhhhh I've been asking for it back less then two weeks after I put it down! If the timing has been to "long" maybe you should call your customers back in a timely manner not weeks later

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      Jun 26, 2019

    Kidding me i paid $30, 000 for a new 2015 stock lancer (didnt even have ac power windows absolutely nothing. Never buy from them wont ever even consider buying a used lancer again even

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      Jun 26, 2019

    Oh sorry also left something out don't trust there "will pay for referrals scam" (not sure if that's still a thing) sent at least 7 people there way got paid for one and magically the other 6+ times name disappeared during financing.

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