Real Canadian Superstore / president's choice organics homogenized milk

I just noticed this morning that the last bag from my 4L bag of milk was sour and the really unfortunate thing is that this is my 23 month old sons milk that he drinks from daily and I didn't notice until after he had already consumed some.

The milk was dated February 7th and it was purchased through online click and collect on January 21st, order #[protected]. It was just recently opened yesterday and has been kept in the refrigerator consistently.

I have never experienced this before so I am concerned that it may not have been kept at the proper temperature during packing of my order, although I didn't notice a problem with the previous bags of the same package.

I am very upset and concerned as I am aware that this could make him very sick and I am just hoping that it doesn't.

At this point I'm hesitant to continue with click and collect for my groceries even though I did enjoy the convenience of it and I will definitely be taste testing the milk before giving it to my son from now on.

Real Canadian Superstore

Feb 2, 2017

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