Real Canadian Superstore / not returning defective product within a week of time limit, also fresh purchase

Toronto, ON, Canada
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I am store buyer since 2015 and this visit on Jan 22, 2017 I bought some stuff along with BRAUN THERMOSCAN - a ear thermometer vide SLIP# 381600. After using this thermometer I found out that its reading is quite variable like if you check the temperature 10 times same time you will get it different which I found quite complicated. even it may can differ uptill 1.5 degrees. due to such I called an ambulance once after getting reading of 105.5 degrees F in my son who is 4 years old. when ambulance came they checked it and it was 104.3 so I found this thermometer not accurate and decided to return it.

Also I specifically wants to mention that when I was buying the product I straight went to the store's customer care and asked I wants to buy this thermometer but not sure about its performance. she checked and told me that I can return it within 14 days with box If any problem.

Today Jan 29, 2017 I went to weston road store and met a blonde lady named kelly on customer service desk who refused to return it by saying that if its opened it will not be returned back, I mentioned everything to her and as it is within the time limit of return policy she still refused. I works monday to saturday and have only sunday off even I bought it on last sunday but she didn't listened my plea and said come tomorrow talk to manager I cant take it.

I also found that same time another lady who was white and returning few stuff she didn't even asked any question. I found that store has very strong act of racism as I am Asian not white. I think other stores like walmart and all they dont have anything like that.

Is that real canadian is not for people who have came from other countries, is that just for only canadians who are white. I think this act of racism is a big shame to such store which really need to be published in media. OR if your store doesn't have such policies then some action need to be taken.

I have been visiting Costco and walmart over the past couple of years and found they have very very clean policies especially they dont do any shameful act like Racism. Its a multi-cultured country.

I request the management and other authorities of this company that Please stop Racism in stores.
i dont mind if my purchase returns or not but racism is really serious thing.

I have shopping here since long but never returned anything so far. it was disappointing to me.

still wish you best of luck and may never visit your stores in future and make others aware.

Jan 29, 2017

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