Real Canadian Superstore / no solution provided for a diabetic; hypoglycemic at deli counter

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On Sunday November 28, 2017 @ approx 4:30 p.m went to superstore at 2132 Mcphillips St in Winnipeg Manitoba telephone # [protected]. I went to superstore for the purpose of taking my parents grocery shopping and I was the driver. After about 30 minutes of being in the store I started getting a migraine and realized I hadn't eaten all day. While my parents were over at the checkout at approx 5:00 p.m. I went over to the deli department in search for an egg salad sandwich after checking the sandwiches out on the display there were only roast beef and turkey sandwiches being a vegetarian there was no egg salad sandwich. I asked an employee who was around for assistance and asked if someone in deli could make an egg salad sandwich as I have a migraine from not eating. He went ahead and asked the lady who was working in the deli but before getting an answer a customer started yelling in line at the employee who was helping me she yelled out we customers have been waiting here and you shouldn't be helping her. I walked over to the customer to tell her the employee is helping me because of health reasons I haven't eaten all day and have a migraine before I could finish she yells I don't care to which I yelled shut up and an argument ensued. I was insulted by the customer calling me bipolar in addition the customer gave me the middle finger another employee came just to ask what is going on told him this customer is instigating and escalating this argument to which the employee just nodded his head, an older gentleman customer was defending this arrogant customer by coming in front of her while she was giving me the middle finger. I not only felt like I was going to faint but I had no support system from anyone neither the employee who I was defending his actions from helping me and including the deli worker who said sorry we don't have any egg salad sandwich. I said ok and left after being insulted humiliated and ultimately sick. Furthermore, I called the manager Meryln at this location explaining the situation and no solution was provided and the manager said both of you customers were at fault and our deli worker or employee didn't give you an egg sandwich probably because you were yelling and our employees aren't trained to deal with customers arguing in the store. And all she could do is talk to the employees about this situation and tell them next time to call a store manager on duty when that happens. This manager didn't address my health issues and was quick to blame me which was added insult to the injury. I am lucky I didn't faint as I'm sure if I did no one would of known to even call an ambulance based on this treatment and experience here. A simple solution to this incident would of been to offer me juice, bread any food so I wouldn't faint as I was worried about the migraine which is a symptom of hypoglycaemia, it starts off as a migraine from lack of food and added stress from defending and arguing with the customer who initiated it could of easily resulted in me fainting. After leaving the store sick and completely stressed and sad I told my parents to meet me in the car and I had to walk in the cold to a sushi restaurant about 5 mins away who at least were kind enough to give me a glass of water without even knowing I was sick where I could take my medication and ate food so I could drive my parents back after they finished their grocery shopping at superstore. I strongly feel I should be compensated for this horrible experience as of now I have no desire to ever go to superstore after being left traumatized from this experience and no desire to drive my parents to go grocery shopping here. My parents are old and have diabetes say if they fainted what would this store do sit there and watch while someone is dying? I question this and don't feel it's a safe environment to go grocery shopping alone. I hope this goes to the head office department and certainly hope someone at th very least touches base with me on this matter my telephone #[removed] and my name is [removed]. Thank you.

Nov 28, 2017
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  • Ks
      Nov 28, 2017

    1. The customer had every right to be annoyed with you for cutting the line; sure, yelling may not have been the right course of action, but what if that customer was also experiencing a migraine from not eating? You were yelling back at her and not helping the situation at all.
    2. The customer that stepped into the woman's defence was ALSO waiting in line at the deli. Her waiting longer meant he also had to wait longer, all because YOU were selfish enough to go out in public without eating all day, fully knowing the health risks it poses for you.
    3. You're an adult. You shouldn't need a support system for an argument in a grocery store. The employees are there to help customers, not to break up juvenile fights like a preschool teacher.
    4. The store is in NO way responsible for you remembering to eat your food before joining the general public and ensuing in brawls. They don't need to offer you ANYTHING. If you knowingly have this condition, then the onus is on YOU to bring snacks and a juicebox with you wherever you go (or at the very least, you could have bought a drink and/or snack at the checkout; they have these handy things called refrigerators RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CASHIER).
    5. How were any of the employees to know that you suffer from hypoglycaemia? It sounds like you're one of those entitled sick people who expect everyone else to know and help you out, instead of taking precautions such as CARRYING YOUR OWN SNACKS so the grocery stores don't give you FREE FOOD (which you were obviously after).
    6. You should be in no way, shape, or form, compensated for acting like an entitled brat in front of a crowd, and then blaming it on others. Reinforcing bad behaviour is NO WAY to raise a child (which you still seem to be).

    I could go on but this complaint is making me very angry at the amount of entitlement in it.

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  • Qu
      Nov 29, 2017

    @kstephy I'm not going to that grocery store again. Im not selfish as I was taking my parents grocery shopping- I didn't want to go at all! I do take responsibility for not eating and learned from this. And last but not least I was not expecting any food for free are you crazy? That didn't even cross my mind! And I didn't swear and insult any customer I was the received end of it. And finally no one offered a solution or alternative that was my only complaint. Point is I won't be doing that again where I go without eating it was my mistake I take 100% responsibility for that and learned from it. Also learned not to go to this grocery store in particular ever again. I don't trust them because you are not seeing that NO SOLUTION was provided! That's my choice and I will not go to this grocery store and will certainly not recommend this store to friends and family.

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