Real Canadian Superstore / less product in the box than described

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March 6, 2018.

I have purchased a box of Presidents Choice Club Pack Sweet and Salty chewy bars. As described on the box it says it comes with 18 bars. 9 peanut and 9 almond. Upon opening the box I realized there was a lot of empty space. The box only contained 12 bars. That's only 66% of the product that I purchased.

As a University student this upsets me very much. I chose to shop at your retail stores because of the competitive pricing and variety of products. My budget is specific and small, as any other customer I expect 100% of the product of which I have purchased to be given to me. Unfortunately I have misplaced my receipt but still find it of value to send it a complaint so that this issue can be resolved. Personally resolved for myself and for any other customers who are potentially going to purchase this specific product.

I would like to be contacted for further information.

Thank you.

Real Canadian Superstore

Mar 08, 2017

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