Real Canadian Superstore / four slice pc/store brand toaster

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Purchased the toaster because I thought it was a great deal. Brought it home but didn't use it right away. We started using it about a month after purchase (it was stored in the box). The first couple of times we used it was okay but after about half dozen uses it wouldn't work properly, the lever would not go down when trying to toast. It was more on one side but then the one side wouldn't go down at all. I went to empty the toaster and as soon as I tried to open the bottom the little tabs/clips broke off that held the bottom door.
I am very unhappy about this I had to go out and buy a new toaster again.
I do not still have the receipt but it is your brand and claims money back guarantee. I would even be happy with a replacement.

Jan 31, 2017

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