Real Canadian Superstorefalse advertising & bad management

I want to complaint about bad management and false advertising/presentation of Superstore's product at one of their store in Edmonton ( 4410 17 Street, Edmonton, AB Store# 01569). Today Jan 24, 2015 around 7:00 pm, I shopped and picked one Storage Bin Egg Item # [protected], its price was showing at Aisle around $4 on sale, I matched twice that price and product code before picking. When I tried to pay, sale person told me price is around $5, then she called other sales person he went over there and after approx.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Edmonton, KY five minutes told me he does not have that product anywhere and he asked me to show, when I went with him I didn't find that product at the aisle while there were many items when I picked, he wanted to mentioned that I am lying, there is nothing over there with that price. Definitely those items were moved before showing me. Moving that product to show that I am lying is ridiculous for a loyal customer. They can see in security cameras how he removed that products from the aisle just after I told the right price. This is not happened first time to me the price was different from the posted one at the aisle in Superstore. I have been your customer long time, cannot believe that will be strategy to offer something, post less price to attract customer and get more price when the customer pays.

Jan 25, 2015

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