Real Canadian Superstore / checkout

I frequently go to the Superstore beside the Scarborough Town Centre, week day evenings after work. Sometimes I am just picking up a couple of items so of course I want to use the Express Checkout line so I don't have to wait behind people that are doing a big shopping. But most of the time the Express Checkout is closed. In fact usually in the evenings only two cashiers are working. Because there are not enough cashiers people are also lined up at the self checkout machines. So I guess us customers just have to suck it up and wait forever! Whatever happened to customer service? You would have the Express Checkout open all of the time if you were really interested in serving your customers! This wouldn't bother me so much if I was at a No Frills Store, but the Superstores are supposed to be your premium stores??? You need to employ more people! You are losing me as a customer as a result and I am now going to grocery stores where I know I don't have to wait forever to checkout because they are properly staffed.
Dave Heath

May 31, 2018

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