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RE/MAX HiNet - Team Athey – Remarkable Property Management is home to some of the most unprofessional realtors and buisness people I have come accross. They are downright rude and treat their tennants like burdonsome children. I pay my rent early and I keep the place tidy, all I ever asked from them was to be talked to with some respect. Indimidation and strong arming my spouse is dirty buisness. My word of advice for those out there, dont use RE/MAX HiNet - Team Athey and Remarkable Property management. If you are looking to purchase a home and this company is the listing agent/sellers agent, see if you can convince the owner to sell direct or to change agents. If you need to rent your home and need a manager, look elsewhere. Dont expect a different tone by speaking to the owner, she is just as rude as her employees.

I will NEVER EVER utalize this company to sell or rent my property.

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  • Dr
      Oct 07, 2009

    I agree. I am a current tennant who has waited for 2 years for Team Athey to get our home up to code. I have tried to talk to the office and do not get calls back and when you finally do catch an employee the treat you like you are worthless.

    I agree avoid them at all costs.

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  • Ma
      Dec 26, 2009

    I have nothing good to report about Team Athey either. Unfortunately I am in a lease agreement with them and cannot run the other way just yet. They have scheduled repairs for me, I stay home all day and no one shows or calls. Not just once but twice. One of those days, I took a vacation day at work and the other was a Saturday. Tenants are worthless in their eyes.

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  • La
      Feb 28, 2010

    I totally agree...she (Suzanne)was my landlord for 2 years and a complete witch the entire time--when I moved out, I was current on rent, but wasnt able to give 30 day notice (going month to month after my lease had expired) we cleaned the place top to bottom all night, did everything "right" other than the 30 day notice--she put a judgment on me for a months rent plus DAMAGES - I assure you very few if any of her other tenants leave their place as clean as we did--then she tacks on 10% per year to the annoying all of that is, I would see it as just business" if it weren't for the fact that she is without a doubt the rudest people --much less landlord, I have ever met--I'm AMAZED she has been able to thrive in a business that relies so much on how you interact with others. Sadly enough, her piss poor demeanor infects everyone around --no wonder most of her staff is her family--the most shocking of it all is what a nice man her husband is...wonder what he did to deserve that for a life sentence.

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  • Da
      Nov 09, 2011
    RE/MAX HiNet - Team Athey – Remarkable Property Management - Horrible management
    RE/MAX HiNet - Team Athey – Remarkable Property Management
    1401 North Central Expressway
    United States

    I have rented many properties over the years and this is by far the worst property management I've ever experienced. Getting repairs or just discussing issues were always met with dismissive attitudes and given hurdle after hurdle to get anything repaired. Return of deposit required legal action even though I was obviously in the right. I also suspect but couldn't prove that the deposit wasn't returned, but the owner was told it was. The owner was unaware of any deposits not being returned. Seemed very unethical. Stay away.

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  • Tf
      Dec 04, 2014

    WOW!! I see nothing has changed! I have always thought that leasing a home that is managed professionally was best and until I met up with "Un"Remarkable Property management. I haven't dealt much with Suzanne, but Patty is also extremely nasty and rude as she could possibly be; worst I have EVER dealt with. When we moved, we actually had the home professionally cleaned from to bottom, including carpet cleaning. Not to mention, the improvements what we naively took it upon ourselves to do while living there. We got nothing back. In fact, I believe that Patty likes to play both ends against the middle (tenant vs. owner). Shame to see they've been operating this way for such a long time. :(

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  • Je
      Aug 01, 2018

    Horrible! They stole my deposit by making false accusations and charging me for things that I reported that they never fixed. They took money out of my deposit to mow the grass, even though I mowed it 1 day before my lease was up. They also charged me for having the house cleaned, even though my wife and mother-in-law stayed up to 1 or 2 in the morning cleaning that house for 3 days. It looked better than when we moved in. They also charge me for not trimming the ivy off of the house that was growing there when we got there. I thought it was decorative, or I would have trimmed it myself. They charged me $60 for an air filter, even though I had already bought one that month. The list goes on an on. By the time they were done, they only returned $190 of my deposit. Don't do business with these criminals.

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