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RCA TV, Model 20F424T / Poor Quality, Poor Customer Service

1 West Palm Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a RCA TV, Model 20F424T, on Feb, 2008 by July 2008 it just stopped working, the power won't come on. I called the toll free number @ RCA; I was told that they would replace the unit for an exchange fee of $74.00. This is half of the original purchase price of $149.96 plus tax. I did not get resolution via RCA/Thomson Inc. customer service center or email. They were of no help. I strongly advice everyone - don't ever, ever buy an RCA product. RCA is Terrible! They need to recall this product.

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  • Ka
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    I have the same problem as the comment above. I'm trying to decide if I should fork over $74 to get a replacement, or just chalk it up to experience and not by another RCA product. Has anyone actually gone through this process to get a replacement TV and did it ever happen? Customer service says 10-14 business days after they receive my broken TV and my check they will send a new one. Sounds fishy to me...

  • Lu
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Power goes on-and-off on it's own. Found several similar problems with this RCA product online. If they won't fix their defective product, I won't buy RCA in the future.

  • Je
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    We also bought this for our son for Christmas and it has stopped working. The TV will sometimes turn on, but when it does the channels constantly change, the menu settings change, and there is no way to stop it other than to turn it off (if it will) or unplug it. Has anyone else had this problem or been able to resolve it with RCA? I have not attempted to call them yet. I am just now researching the situation.

  • Ke
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    We bought the same tv for our sons at Christmas as well. Now the tv turns off and on by itself. I have not called customer service yet, but as it sounds I do not need to waste my time.

  • Do
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    As in the first complaint, the same has happened to me. I refuse to pay $74.00 for a TV that has worked for less than 6 months. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $150.00 in February, the first week of July the TV kept going on and off. Neither Wal-Mart or RCA company would help me. I did some research and found out there are many message boards detailing the same problem with this model as well well as more pricier models. Many of the complaints are over 2 years old. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday morning November 12, 08 and they STILL carry the same model. I sincerely believe that RCA and Wal-Mart are knowingly selling these DEFECTIVE televisions on purpose. Think of the thousands of dollars they are making by by cheating hard working people and those of retirees on fixed incomes that can not afford to buy a NEW TV every 6 months. I myself can not afford an attorney to fight this deliberate crime against the consumers.

  • Do
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Had I know of this web page I most likely wouldn't have bought the RCA model 20F424T last week. I noticed when trying to work the auto channel set up there is no way to select the digital side. You can push the ANA/DIG button and it displays 1-11 but then there is no way to set the channels. I bought the unit in California for my ageing mom (96) so she could be ready for the so called digital switch, now I need to re-think this and maybe bring the unit back to Wal-Mart and get the $ 167.00 dollars back.

    San Antonio, TX

  • El
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    I also purchased a TV from Wal-Mart #24V411T in July of 2007, after 10 mos, it began to go on and off by itself
    and the volume began to get increasingly loud. I called RCA and they did replace it for another for $85.00 and it wouldn't even play, called RCA and they wantyed to charge me another $85.00 and I flat, so I won on that deal. I have had that replacement for 10 mos and it has started to go on and off all by itself. Called RCA and talked to Dave, who told me that his manager would not talk to me until I told him why I was calling and I asked for someone higher than his manager and he so informed me, that there was no one in the whole of RCA that was higher than her, she was at the very top over CEO's, Chairmans etc. And if I wanted this tv to be replaced it would cost me another $85.00, I told him I don't think so. I told him I didn't want the same model, but something comparable to it and he indirectly told me I would be getting the same model #24V411T. Now I have it figured out, if I take the deal and pay the $85.00 again for the same Tv, I will be paying RCA $85.00 every 10 months for the rest of my life, don't sound like fun to me. I wrote an email to five Executives, oh yeah I am sure I will hear from them. Thanks for listening to me, I didn't know there were so many people with the same complaint, don't feel any better, ut on't feel alone.

    Carthage, TN

  • Ke
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    I have had my RCA 20F424T TV for 2 yrs now and since day one it turns itself on and off. We called and they wated 90.00 to send it in. We bought a new one and now we need this one fixed to use in another room. Did anyone find out how to fix it?

  • Ma
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    Same problem here. My girlfriends 20F424T just started acting up. She has had it for more than two years. Now It turns itself on and off, changes channels by itself and the volume shoots up to 100. I'm very disapointed in RCA. Other than this debilitating problem the picture quality is top notch.

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